Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Trip to NY day 1 and 2

Hubby was working as so I made the decision to drive to NY while he slept on the drive or simply kept me company.  We left late at like 7pm and got in just around midnight. 

We quickly unpacked the pack and play, set it up and transferred Bear as seamlessly as possible.  He barely slept on the drive but he also adjusted quickly when we got there and fell asleep in his pack and play.  He slept through the night no issues.  

The pups on the other hand...

The were up most of the night.  We had in the past put the crate on the screened in porch and the slept out there together.  That for some reason didn't work.  My dad placed an old couch out there and so at 2:30AM I made the decision to sleep out there.  I let them out of the crate and let them sleep on the rug at my feet.  It really wasn't that bad of a sleep until I got cold a few hours later.  I snatched a blanket off the swing and we fine until the birds started chirping a sunrise.  

By 7AM I had hit my limit.  Refueled with two cups of strong black hot coffee and prayed for Bear to have a good day.  

We all sat outside and ate breakfast while Bear played.

Later on in the day we went down to visit Bears cousins.  It was my first time seeing my Nephew in person.  In fact my Niece was Bears age the last time I saw here.  This is the hardest part of military life but I am thankful for Skype.

They all had a wonderful time playing together.  Bear however was over the photo op.  We managed to get one good photo out of the 3000 it felt like we all took.  

That night we decided to put the pups in the renovated barn my dad has.  They barked the whole night.  I needed the sleep or I would have slept outside with them otherwise. 

The next day we woke up bright and early to two dogs whom had dirtied the crate.  We hosed them and the crate off because we just didn't have the time to wash them.  My dad was kind enough to wash both dogs inside and cleaned the crate with 409.  Thankfully they were well behaved during it.   

We all hopped into the car and drove out to Long Island to for my Brother in Laws (BIL) College Graduation.  Driving through the city made miss my 20's.  That is post for another day though. 

We met up with family and then headed off to the field / stadium for the ceremony.  We opted not to sit in the stands and instead stand off to the side.  Bear did shockingly well with it all.  Until he got hungry.

He started to get a bit antsy so after some food he walked around a bunch.  We switched off between us so that Hubby could see his brother walk.  Thankfully that wasn't needed as Bear wanted milk in his stroller by then.  

We met up with everyone after to congratulate the graduate before heading out for lunch.  

Bear feel asleep at the end.  With all the cheering I'm shocked he slept thought it.  I guess he is my son ;)

This was my sly attempt to take a picture of the pretty water front restaurant.  It was the only picture that came out.  The lion head stonework reminded me of a few HIMYM episodes.  Hubby and I did not miss the opportunity to quote lines to each other whenever applicable because of it.  

Bear needed a wardrobe change between the ceremony and the restaurant.  Hence the new outfit.   

He ate really well.  I was not surprised as the food was delicious!  

We dropped grandma and grandpa off at their hotel and then headed back to my fathers house.  

It has sprinkled on us at the graduation but thankfully the skies never opened up us.  It did however do that on the drive back to my Dads.  It was short lived, as was the traffic.  

We relaxed the rest of the day.  


  1. Sounds like a good trip so far!

    1. Thanks, we had a lot of fun despite the tight schedule.


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