Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Saving our curtains

When we lived in Louisiana we shelled out a boat load of money on these thermal curtains.  We had tons of windows with lots of natural light but we also had an ever rising electric bill as the air conditioner was running more and more.  Our solution was these eclipse thermal curtains.

We picked up 12 panels total in two colors.  The brown for the master bedroom and the mushroom (brown/gray) color for living room and kitchen.  

I was so excited I put them up before tossing them in the dryer for a few to get the wrinkles out.  I would close the curtains mid day to keep the heat out.  It worked really well in keeping the house cool and the electric bill down.

If it worked in Louisiana why wouldn't it work here in Maryland? Well there is an issue in using them here and it all has to do with the vents being under the windows.  Every air vent looks like this...

Meaning our floor length curtains won't work.  The would cover the vents because of the heights the owners put the curtains at.  

For a few weeks we went without curtains.  I was fed up and decided to go to Target and pick some up.  Wondering the aisles I found the solution.

Well to be honest I found these really nice  all metal ones that cost almost as much as the curtains I wanted to get.  I debated back and forth on what to do.  A text to hubby was no help at all.  That's when I searched a bit harder and found these for $2.99  The clips are metal but the rings are plastic.

I picked up every last bag they had, even the open one.  All the items were in it and functioning properly so I didn't want .  I managed to snag 7 bags in all.  Two bags were silver and the rest were black.  I figured I could work around  it.  

The idea for these is to use them to hang up fabric as a curtain.  It's makes it easy to change them out.  However, I thought I could simply fold down the curtains the thermal curtains and it make it work.

I laid each panel down on the floor, folded it over and put the clips as evenly spaced as I could get them.  I then laid the next panel down using the first as a guide for length.  Again I eyeballed it then placed the clips.  Once again I probable should have tossed them in the dryer after unfolding them but I was being lazy. If you wanted to be super technical, which I am shocked I wasn't here, you could have measured it all out so they were exact.  I wanted the curtains up ASAP and waiting was just not an option.

This is how the kitchen curtains look.  As you can see they don't appear even even though these ones I did measure.  It's all in how they hang.

I purchased curtains with the grommets or eyelets at the top.  They don't exactly work perfectly when folded over because of that.  When the light hits it just the right way you can see that they are folded over but bottom line is they work.

The metal ones would have been better looking but really how often are you or guests staring at your curtains?  They aren't and neither are you. 

 At the end of the day it's not perfect but it works.  The are keeping the house cool when needed.  It will keep the heat inside in the winter.  They don't block the air vents and most of all they don't look terrible.  In an ideal world you get the curtains that fit your house.  However when your spouse is in the Military and you move all the time you have to adapt. This small little fix works and saves us from buying new curtains.  They next house we may not need the clips.  For now this works just fine.

*Update... I had a friend ask me about these clips when they came to visit.  She was having the same problem with her curtains.  She asked about the damage to the curtains.  So far the only thing I have seen is that it wrinkled the curtains when the clip is.  It is no more or less than folding it for storage would do.  I should also note that I don't let Bear, the dogs, or anyone really tug on the curtains.   It has never been a problem in out house however I am pretty structure about this.  I don't like things damaged.  If you have kids that like to do this then I would either purchase some fabric to hang or new curtains.  Then again I think if you tugged on it the fabric would slip out with little to no damage.  She asked a great question and felt that it was worth adding to this post.

So how do you deal with moving and curtains?  Do you buy new ones or just deal with what you have?  I'd love to hear what others do!


  1. It's amazing how as military spouses we learn how to repurpose things. :)

    1. I hate acquiring things that work in one location but don't work in another. These silly little things were an easy solution. Everyone I talked to said they just bought new curtains. That would have killed me to do that.


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