Friday, July 24, 2015

OXO Container Makeover

Every house we have lived in has been slightly different kitchens.  In this Maryland home it feels very different!

As you can see the top cabinets don't have any doors.  Not even glass ones.  This open concept is killing me.  I am consistently trying to keep them neat and tidy as well as make them look pretty.  All of the colorful bakeware or dishes needed to be displayed.  One spot in particular that needed some help was my OXO containers.

I love them, I really do.  However, when you fill them with things that need directions or need labeling you need to put that information somewhere.  For me this solution was to use a sharpie marker directly on the container.  This way if I wanted to change what was inside a little rubbing alcohol and some elbow grease.  That would give me the clean slate that I needed to refill the container with something else. 

One day I was messing around on Pinterest and saw this.  

These containers have labels on them.  It was my jumping off point.  When looking for some fancy labels on Amazon I saw Chalk Labels.  That's when I knew I had to have them for this project.  The prefect compromise, rewritable labels.  Toss some chalk markers into the cart and I was set!  When everything came in the mail I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the labels.  I got right to work.

This is what they looked like before.  Which was fine when no one saw them.  yet out on display this simply wouldn't work long term.  

I started by writing down the instructions on a post it note one at a time.  Then I used rubbing alcohol to get the sharpie marker off the containers. 

Peel the label off and eyeball it to the same level as everything else. 

Then get your chalk pen working.   Write down whatever name or instructions you want on them.  I will say that I do not have the prettiest handwriting so some sort of stencil may have helped me make them look fancier.  I have read about printing up the writing and covering the back in standard chalk then tracing it.  This is something I am looking into for when I have more time.  Or you can even ask someone that does have nice handwriting to help out.  For now this will do. 

While it is "erasable"  you need a splash of water to get this off once it has dried.  I found that if I try with paper to get them back to the clean black look a magic eraser run over it lightly helped a ton!

So here is what they look like all finished up.  I think this is something that I may have skipped if they were in the pantry but I am really happy that they worked out and look as pretty as the do. 


  1. I need to get better about organizing this type of stuff.

    1. I love these containers but before buying the sets really see what you use all the time. we bought a set and some really just didn't work for us.


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