Tuesday, July 21, 2015

NY Take 2

I spent the two days before the trip packing.  Not that I really needed all that time but I wanted to work on really pairing down the amount of stuff we brought with us.  It quite literally feels like we are moving a small Army when travel.  Then again 2 adults, 1 toddler and 2 rambunctious dogs can mean lots of stuff.  I manages to drop 2 whole bags that we didn't miss at all!  

One thing that made it was Bear's new shades.  An early Birthday gift from us.  He loves these things.  It was one of the few that he is getting from us.  

Hubby managed to get a half day off from work the very day we planned to drive to NY.  It worked out perfectly.  We loaded into the car and headed up north.   We hit some traffic that we may have missed had we left earlier but thankfully we got there long before we had even planned on leaving in the first place.  Bear however had other plans.  2 hours into the trip he gets sick and barfs all over himself.  So here we are on the side of 95 Cleaning him and the car seat up enough that we could make it to the nearest rest stop.  Awesome!  

When we got to my dads I found him cleaning up some nifty new garage sale finds from the past weekend.  He cleans them up and some he keeps others he sells. 

This cute little chicken is a keeper.  In fact its already found itself a home above the stove in the kitchen.

This on he said is likely a sell.  It is an ornate spittoon.  He is always finding weird things like this.  He must have an eye for it or something because he can make some good spending money from these little finds.  We spent the rest of the relaxing.  We hung out, went swimming, and had pizza for dinner. 

The next day was Bears Birthday.  He had powdered doughnuts and milk for breakfast.  The breakfast of champions for a 2 year old on his birthday.  Then he played with the pups.  Coco and Duke are finally starting to get the concept that Bear can also throw the ball for them as well.  

Bear and the pups had a blast.  The mini chuck-it helped a bunched with that.

Later in the afternoon we found this big gal in the yard.  If you look back there, way back there you can see one of the deer in my dads yard.

This is as close as my camera would let me get.

Next on the agenda was outlet shopping. Mainly the Disney store, Carter's, and Columbia were all on the list.  We found hubby practically a new wardrobe. It was a good thing though.  I found some shorts and Bear got a jacket.  We didn't find anything else at any other store sadly.

Once home Bear took his nap and we prepped for his party which was for the next day.


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