Wednesday, July 1, 2015

gift ideas for Bears' 2nd Birthday

Two years old is a hard age for toys for me.  Their ability levels at this age vary so much as their interests do. Regardless, here is what we came up with for Bear.

He is obsessed with our vacuum.  Why not get him one of his own?  This is an older toy (3+) but we feel he can handle it.  He attempts to take ours all the time so maybe this will help.  who know.  We picked this up for him.

Bear also loves watching Hubby mow the lawn.  Our neighbor had this one and Bear seemed to enjoy playing with it.  

What little boy doesn't love trucks?  Bear is no different.  These ones are motorized which he will like.  

Books are also a great gift idea for Bear.  He loves reading and we try to foster that love by getting him new books to read.  I have no problem at all picking him up tons and tons of books.  These are among my suggestions of book gift ideas.

Bear enjoys coloring but doesn't seem to really get the idea of coloring books just yet.  Aqua doodle is a great place for Bear to explore "coloring" while not getting messy.  How much damage can an ounce of water do?  ;-)

Then there are extra pens for aqua doodle.

Paw patrol is Bears favorite show right now.  Paw patrol rescue racers are the only ones that seem to be age appropriate for him.  There are several (9 total) he could get and at about $6 each a cheap toy he will love.    

Since we got rid of TV and picked up Netflix there are some shows that Bear can't see.  Paw Patrol is one of those shows.  We managed to pick up one of the dvds for him but the other two have come out since then.  He would enjoy them.  

I have been hanging on to this Vtech go go smart wheels train set for quite some time.  He wasn't understanding the whole track idea until he used one at daycare.  So now I feel like we can break this toy out and give it to him as his big gift.

I should note that we have a big family so Bear tends to get a lot of gifts.  That being said we try to get him 2-3 big gifts and let family get him the smaller items for it.  For example we picked up the go go smart wheels train set for him.  Family could get extra cars or track for it.  This is generally how we like to do things.  There is less this year for the add-ons but on average the price of items are pretty low.  He doesn't need high priced toys to make him happy.  Nor do people need to spend a fortune on him. 


  1. These are such great ideas, especially the lawnmower!

    1. I am hoping he loves the lawn mower.

  2. I LOVE Aqua doodle! It's such a fun, clean toy!

    1. This is my favorite on the list! I have gotten one for all my nieces and nephews that I really wanted one for Bear.


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