Monday, July 20, 2015

Giada Sandwich

Giada has some really delicious recipes that I like to use during the week when my schedule is crazy.  Its easy to make and everyone, even Bear, will eat it.  

Thinly Slices Granny Smith Apples

Lightly saute in butter with thyme

Spread spicy brown mustard on each side of the bread.
Add shredded Gruyere cheese on one side.

Place a slice or two of ham.
Add sauteed apples on the ham.

Add more shredded Gruyere cheese on top of the apples.
Top with the other slice of bread (mustard on it) 

Put on hot grill pan.  If you don't have a panini press (like us) use a cast iron pan
or a granite hot pad as hubby chose to do.  Remember to flip is half way through cooking. 

Heat through.

Serve while warm.

Its so yummy!


  1. I've seen this on her show and was curious if it was good! I may have to make it now.

  2. YUMMY! I'll have to make these with gf bread.


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