Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bears NY Birthday Party

Much like every other day, It was a relaxing start to the morning.  Bear played with the recycling.

After morning coffee I went inside to finish the cupcakes.  Icing the cupcakes really.

I iced half with vanilla and the other half with chocolate.  I also left some plain in case the few guests preferred one over the other.  This was a smart idea because there was one person who preferred them plain.  When I finished prepping all the food I noticed that we were way way ahead of schedule.
With hours to kill we decided to have a nice long swim.  So during Bears nap we hung out in the pool for the whole 4 hours he slept.  Just as we were about to get out of the pool my Niece and Nephew showed up to join us.  We decided to wake bear up early so he could join in.

He loved every second in the pool!

As other guests arrived we all got out to eat.  I am terrible and didn't take any pictures of the spread but we had hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta salad, baked beans, chips, pretzels, and vegetable spinach dip.  Bear at some of everything.  

The early dinner was followed by cupcakes for dessert.  Bear kept trying to touch the candle.  It was all very tear filled.  You know, God forbid I don't let him touch the flame.  He wasn't impressed by the cupcake.  Then again it was his first. So who knows.  Hopefully, he enjoys them at his next party.  Yes you read that correctly, this little boy is having 2 parties.  That is for another day though.   

Much like the wonderful Blogger I am I for zero pics of him opening his gifts.  

He got more gifts than he needs but he has loved them all.  He received a basketball net, a fire truck, a soccer ball, a talking Elmo, and some books.  He is still impressed by the new toys.  Little does he know more are to come.  

Like any good host I needed to send out thank you cards.  

These are the thank you notes I scored from the $1 section of target to use for his birthday party.  Overall this party was a success.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  What more could I ask for?


Since the rest of the NY trip involved me nursing my sun burnt shoulders and relaxing (read: Sleeping) as much as I could, I figured it safe enough for me to finish out our trip on the end of this post.  It was uneventful just the way we like it.  The big takeaway from this trip... WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!  You would think that the number of times I have done this to myself I would have learned but no.  


  1. He looks so adorable in the pool! :) So glad it was a good day.


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