Monday, July 6, 2015

Bear Turns 2

Dear Bear,

Let's see... It's been a year since I have done one of these so let's start with your sweet personality.  You smile and laugh all the time.  It is the cutest little laugh.  You are really well behaved especially in public.  Something we certainly are grateful for.  

Physically you have grown leaps and bounds.  You are about 25lbs and in size 12-18 month clothing.  While you are still on the small side or bottom of the growth chart.  Bear your are still a ball of energy.  We have been able to channel this energy in constructive ways like carrying grocery bags the pantry or running items back and forth between parents.  You have rediscovered your love for the pop up tunnel.  

Zipping back and forth makes me tired just watching you.  You love it though.  

You are physically ahead and able to do more things that we thought you were capable of.  Climbing being the number one thing we were not prepared for.  Thankfully no injuries yet.  Although I have likely jinxed you by writing this so if there is a post about a hospital trip in a few days or weeks I'm sorry in advance. I kid but we have hopefully found a park just your size to help you get your climbing fixes out of your system so you aren't scaling the furniture at home. 

Cognitively you have been also showing a big growth.  Figuring out things we were unaware you knew like turning the tv on and off correctly or putting your toys back in the correct spot on your own.  Speech wise you have been spitting out new words randomly although they remain mixed in with your babble.  One of these days you may have to spit what you are finally trying to say.  The babbling is getting a bit clearer every now and then.

Another big thing for you right now is potty training.  We are in the process of getting you to use the potty full time.  Currently you are using it anywhere from 3-4 times a day.  However I am excited that you are excited about using the potty.  

The biggest adjustment for you has been the move.  While this is technically your second move, it is your first real PCS.  You took some time getting used to the new place but you seem to like it.  You have not one but two play spaces so I think this has helped you adjust.  So has having Daddy around more with his new schedule.  You greatly enjoy your time with daddy playing with your trucks or mega bloks.  I think it could be anything as long as Daddy is playing with you.

Now time for the onslaught of pictures of you over the past year.  

Lemon Face.  He loves them though.




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