Friday, July 17, 2015

1st Trip to DC (Part 2)

We spent part of the day in DC seeing the Natural History Museum then moved on to the American History Museum.  

I was super excited to see all the pop culture stuff only to be disappointed that all the exhibits for that were closed for renovation.  We did however make the best of it by going over to see the American presidency and First Lady exhibits.  Those I quite enjoyed.

It was nice to see the First Ladies exhibit.  They had the dresses and China pattern of each First Lady along with some stories of each.

We moved on the presidents after I finished admiring the old fashion trends.

I didn't get many pictures here because there were several school field trips visiting this area doing worksheets.  We did however have a great time at this museum.  We will have to go back after the July 2015 exhibit opens up on the west side.

When we finished up here we headed back to the train to go home.

The day tuckered him out but I think he had fun.  I see more trips to DC in our future. 


Your thoughts?

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