Thursday, July 16, 2015

1st Trip to DC (Part 1)

We decided that Monday was the best time to head to DC to visit some of the museums.

It was his first train ride.  I wonder if Bear makes the correlation between the train we are on and Chuggington that he watches on tv.  Likely not but we did try to help him make the connection.  Regardless he liked the train ride.  

After taking the train into DC we walked to the National mall where the Smithsonian museums are located.  It was an easy walk but it was heating up.  That will teach me to look at the weather before leaving!  It wasn't too bad though.

We decided to go to the Natural History Museum first.  

Here is where I bombard you with pictures from this museum....

Please touch things are perfect for a toddler.

Foot comparisons work too right?

After this Human Origins exhibit we took a break for lunch.

I was excited to see the dinosaurs.

After seeing the hope diamond we headed out to the American History Museum.  That however will have to be another post for another day as nap time is over and Bear needs tending too.  

Have you all been to the Natural History Museum?  What was your favorite part?


  1. So fun!!! I am loving the photos.

  2. so awesome! I love that you took a train! We have been wanting to take the kids on a train ride- hopefully soon!

    1. We have a train station not too far from us and after doing the math it was waaaaay cheaper to take the train to DC.


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