Monday, June 1, 2015

The Move Begins

After all the hoops we jumped through to get the move to happen in a short period of time, it couldn't be all that bad.  We were given 3 days for them to box is up.  There is no way that it would have taken that long.  Regardless, day one of packing started.

Four people started packing up our 4 bedroom home at 8am.  By noon, just 4 hours into packing, they had finished boxing up the garage, guest room, craft room, and was almost done with Bear's room.  They were powering through it all. I spot checked them periodically to make sure they were doing the right thing and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  They were taking care of our things from what I could see.  All of this meant that I could focus a bit on Bear and giving him some extra attention.

They went on break for lunch and then Hubby had to go finish up one last briefing to out process. This meant I was home with Bear, the dogs and the packers.  Which was fine as the packers were all women.  They came back from lunch and started in on finishing bears room while two started in on the kitchen and another worked on the living room.  All was going as expected.  They would finish up in a day and a little bit at this point.  

It was then that the head packer got a call that she would be receiving additional help.  We both had figured another one or two people bring the total to 5-6 packers.  Two more showed up so they jumped on in.  Then 20 minutes later 4 more people showed up.  Bring our already ridiculous total to 10!  They then sent 5 people to pack out our master bedroom and closet.  I should note that while our closet is big and there is a lot in there it is cramped space was as it is galley style closet.  You also need to go through the bathroom to get to the closet.  So I told them what to do then went back out to check on Bear and the kitchen packers.  

This is for me when panic set in.  Bear had missed his nap making him incredibly grumpy.  Then toss in 10 packers and I was at my breaking point.  There were far too many people for me to keep an eye on.  I needed Hubby home, NOW!  I started texting him to hurry.  Thankfully he was already on his way.

No less than 2 hour from the time hubby showed back up were the packers finished.  The whole house was boxed up. The paper work was signed and then we had 5 days to wait until the truck came to pick up all of our stuff.  5 days of nothing to do.  Or very little to do that is.  


  1. It really is amazing how fast the process goes when there are more than 2 packers.

    1. The 4 original people could have packed us up in a day easily. Why they sent so many people is beyond me. I feel like it was too many cooks in the kitchen if you know what I mean.

  2. Holy crud. That's a TON of packers. Wow.. hopefully they did everything perfectly even though you couldn't watch all of them.

    1. It was crazy! There was no need for that many people. Having opened up most of the boxes by now they were pretty good with what they did overall. The master bedroom that had the mass amount of packers in it shows in the boxes. There is little reason for anything being in a single box. some of hubby's clothes, some of mine, and even some random stuff from the closet all in one box. We had 5 so far very much like that. Too many cooks in the kitchen so to speak.


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