Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Last day in LA

Our saga continues....

While hubby was off watching the movers attempt their Tetris "magic" to fit everything in the truck, I spent the evening getting a jump on the cleaning.  

This is how I got the cleaning done.  Bear  strapped into his highchair watching TV on the iPad and both dogs begging to be played with.  It was painful!  I have no idea how I would get all the cleaning done if or when we have more children.  

The next morning was in fact our last morning in our Louisiana home.  We did what everyone does the last morning in a home, continued cleaning.  Those final touches that needed to be done but had to wait until the morning of the inspection.  Thankfully the property manager was understanding that we had a few things left to be done even after his inspection.  Honestly, I just think he was happy that the house was taken care of and in significantly better conditions than when we had moved in.

All we needed to do by the time the property manager came were the floors.  All tile needed to mopped, carpet needed to be vacuumed, and the garage swept out.  The carpet cleaners were also on their way.  Bear once again sat happily in his highchair watching paw patrol until the carpet cleaners came.

Throw in the fact that what they are using is a giant wet vac and Bear was in heaven!  This little boy loves and I mean loves vacuums.  I'm hoping to use this to my advantage when he gets older lol.  I despise vacuuming.  

When all the cleaning was said and done there we were in the middle of an empty house that we had lived in the last 10 months.  This house, out of the three we have lived in has felt the most like home to me.  I will miss this home for sure.

Goodbye Louisiana Home.


  1. It's always bittersweet to leave especially when a house really feels like home.

    1. That is the Hardest thing for me with this move.


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