Thursday, June 11, 2015

The drop off

We lucked out that our HHG's got dropped off so quickly after our move in. Remember when I talked about the movers?  Well, I had completely expected nothing to show up.  If by chance it did then it would all be broken or damaged.

Much to my surprise they showed up with a truck load of our stuff.

Typically, we have them place the furniture in the rooms and all the boxes in the garage.  Well except the kitchen.  This helps keep the clutter away.  I bring in the boxes one by one as I empty them.  However we don't have a garage so we picked for the boxes to go in the dining room, a spare bedroom upstairs and then in the main living space down stairs.   I wasn't thrilled but it worked.

So you may be wondering how everything showed up...  We most of it did show up.  It turned out we were missing a few items.  Nothing that can't be replaced thankfully.

A bunch of the boxes arrived just fine.  Others looked like this...

Crushed like the one in the middle.
A few came like this...

And some came damaged.

The corner of our couch has a tear.  
Scratches on the glass of our patio table.
The lawn mower was broken.
One of coolers was broken.

When you start seeing several things broken you start to look further.  It's this weird thing I think.  When we had fantastic moves the little things never bothered me.  Now that we have had a less then stellar move, more things begin to bother me.  Things like this.

Bears changing pad smashed into a box with heavy items on top of it.  It did damage the item per say as it has gone back to its original form but more care could have been taken when packing it.  

The scratches on the coffee table that wouldn't be there if they didn't take it apart.  Or had they wrapped it correctly it likely wouldn't have happened.  

But I'm going to stop myself right there.  I should be happy anything even made it here.  Be thankful that what was lost, broken, or damaged is not anything sentimental.  All in all the outcome is better than I expected.  I didn't think anything was going to make it and all but a handful did!  Let's focus on that.  Fingers crossed the next move won't be similar!

Now we are here and have been unpacking for a bit.  You all are caught up and now I'm looking forward to settling into life here in Maryland.  


  1. Our move from Bragg to Huachuca was the worst! They packed lawn tools in our deep freezer, it was so frustrating!

    1. oh boy! not good. I wonder what they think when they do that. I mean you have to know that will damage something.

  2. I'm glad it mostly all arrived, I'm sorry about the broken stuff! I'm just glad it got their so quickly!

    1. I'm thankful it got here quickly


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