Tuesday, June 9, 2015

over at grampy's house

Or grandparents house I should say.  Day three of trip brought us to my in-laws house where we stayed for a few days.

Hello, Virginia!

We were all anxious to get out of the car by this point. 

Bear slept.

The pups didn't.

Regardless we made it to my in-laws in one piece.  Hubby dropped off the trailer and got the weights of both full vehicles while we stretched our legs for a bit.

We had a fantastic meal and I even had a beer to unwind a bit.

After a decent nights sleep we all started to feel like ourselves again. 

We spent the morning relaxing before we went to lunch with my Brother in laws (BIL) and the his youngest son.  We are some yummy miso Ramen soup from the local Japanese place.   

When we came back to my In-laws we found the pups like this.  The pups both ended up a bit injured but no clue as to what exactly cause the problem.  They were run quite a bit the day we got in and we noticed them limping around that evening.  Coco was significantly worse.   We assumed it was sore muscles.  We were wrong.  They were run again again the next day.  Coco had both front paws bandaged and Duke had just the one front paw bandaged.  At some point they ripped open and off nickel to quarter sized pieces of their paw pads. Coco's were significantly worse as they both had drawn blood.  My Father in law (FIL) and another BIL cleaned the wounds, applied ointment, and wrapped then in the sticky gauze (like they bandage you up with after they draw blood) and then fabric over that for cushioning.  I felt bad for them but it was better in a few days.

Bear had a chance to finally play with his cousins.  Or really watch some Wallykazam with them.  He did attempt to play along with them but he's not really there just yet.  

The following morning we spent playing. 

He was overall a happy kid.

Watched some Paw Patrol before going outside.

We played some phase 10 in the evening with a large group which was a nice change for me.  

Our final full day at the grandparents house started like every other.  An easy morning of cartoons and toys.

Bear read some Library books and played with the dvd case to his new show.

During nap time we played wizard.  It's a trump game for at least 3 people for those of you that play cards. It is pretty fun to play if you ever get the chance. 

Shockingly as you can see from the last 2 columns, I won! This never happens with this game.  I always underbid.

More playing and climbing on the couches for Bear.  He needed to get some energy out now as we would have to drive again this time to Maryland in the morning.

Bonus points to anyone who picked up on the betty boop line in the title.


  1. Poor Coco and Duke!!! Hopefully their pads heal.

    1. They healed up pretty quickly but I felt so bad for them. Cooped up in a car then injured. All they wanted to do was run.

  2. sounds like the trip is going pretty well! It's so fun to visit with family:)

    1. It was a nice break in the trip!


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