Friday, June 5, 2015

On the road!

When the keys were turned over we started our trek to Maryland!  Hubby was driving because we were towing the other car.  I did not feel comfortable being the one driving that beast of a convoy.  After the day we had before my nerves were shot as it was.

Our 4Runner pulling my old beat up CRV.  Both cars stuffed to the brim.  It was a good thing too seeing as we had no clue when there was an available appointment for us to receive our household goods from storage.  I was still waiting on that call.

Packed into the 4 runner were all of our immediate things.  Our suitcases, diapers, dog food, etc.  Anything we needed easy access to.  In the CRV was anything that we needed once we got to our new home.  Cleaning supplies, bedding, etc.

Hubby had the brilliant idea (not being sarcastic here, it was really smart) to have the dogs lay on the floor of the back seat. You know where your feet typically go.  Bear is still rear facing and the other seat had diapers and whatnot so the floor was the most obvious spot for them.  We each lead a dog into the car at the same time so the would face the center of the car.  Big dogs trying to turn around in little areas wouldn't work out well.  They enjoyed this area much more than I expected.  This will be their new mode of travel.  

They slept the majority of the trip just like this.

The drive was pretty uneventful.  We could not have asked for better weather!

Hello, Mississippi!  

Bear and the Pups slept for a decent part of the drive.

One of the few treats we brought with us were Cracklin.  Not just any Cracklin.  The one from the specialty meat store in our town that makes them fresh daily!  It's sinfully delicious!  A nice salty kick when the drive started to get boring.

Sweet Home Alabama (oh how I miss you some days)

We made it as far as Tuscaloosa, Alabama that first day.  We stayed overnight at a great hotel.  This is where I learned that you need to always ask for a bottom floor when you have pets.  Especially large breed dogs.  Thankfully no accidents on the way to of from the outside when needed.

Bear got to stretch his legs and even stay up a decent bit later because of it!  I want him tired for bedtime.  We had brought in the pack and play for him to sleep in.  He is comfortable in the pack and play but he typically is in his own room.  Not next to us or even two snoring (and walking around) pups.

He woke up three times that night.  At 4:30am I gave in and let him lay in bed between us.  We do not co-sleep.  It just doesn't work for us.  I woke up to let him know Bear was between us and proceeded to read on my phone while Bear fell asleep for a bit longer.

Bear stayed like this until breakfast time. Hubby headed out first to care for the pups and himself.  Then I went to get myself and Bear some food.  It was a slow start to the morning.


  1. I'm so glad the dogs traveled well like that!

    1. They really do love a long car trip. So well behaved on them. I think they liked the padded floor better than the hammock style we used to use.


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