Monday, June 8, 2015

On the road again!

By the time I had gotten back with the food Bear has just woken up.  He ate some of the very yummy food the hotel had too offer.  I brought it all back to the room so that he could run around to his heart's content until we had to put him back into the car once again.  He ate and played while I started gathering our things.  

While hubby packed the car, I packed the remaining suitcase and bears toy bag.  Thankfully Bears love of books comes in handy when you need a few minutes to do something.  

A quick pillow fort and a relatively new book and I could pack in peace for a few minutes. I'll forgive the fact that he is not treating books properly here as it is a target $1 special and keeping to himself.

Duke was standing guard while Hubby loaded up the car with all of our stuff.  Bear managed to spill my juice all over himself while I snapped the picture above of Duke.  Bear got a quick bath in the sink before we left.

The drive the following day much like the first was uneventful.  Again beautiful weather.  To add icing onto this cake Bear and the pups slept almost the entire drive.  We hopped into the car and was able to drive until the gas light came on several hours down the road.

We had gotten takeout from Cracker Barrel the night prior to eat at the hotel and so I took the time to pick up my road trip treat.  Pop rocks.  Not sure why but I love a single bag to enjoy on a long road trip.

We passed Talladega.  Oh how I miss this area.  I was so eager to leave but I miss it now.  The aftermath of the race from the previous weekend was crazy.  Not that I am surprised as it always was after any big race.

Hello, Georgia! 

Hello, South Carolina!

We took a quick pit stop here and stretched our legs before making it to our hotel.

Hello, North Carolina!

We stopped in Charlettesville, North Carolina for the night.  We had a similar set up but luckily had a room right on the bottom floor right near the door for the pups.

We picked up some Cracker Barrel to go again for dinner to eat at the hotel.  Their southern chef salads are delicious!

We separated the pups from Bear so he could again run and play before bedtime.

This was a rough evening.  Bear was not sleeping well at all.  The exhaustion and lack of his normal routine was getting to him.  Once again at 5am caved and put Bear in between us for a bit.

He was still a happy kid in the morning thankfully!

We would head out the next day to visit family.


  1. I swear he looks so different!!! Growing up way too fast.


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