Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Off To Our New Home, a sneak peek

We woke up bright and early to finish packing the car, grab some coffee, and get out on the road.  I woke Bear up then said some quick goodbyes before putting him into the car.  Since Hubby had dropped off the uhaul car trailer, it meant we both would be driving from here on out.  No biggie.  I actually like driving.  

We headed out and no less than five minutes I hear straps flapping on the roof where Hubby had tied the Dog Crate to the roof.  He looked back in his mirror and said it looked like the extra slack came lose.  That I had nothing to worry about.  

Ten more minutes down the road and Bear Barfs all over himself and the car seat.  We pull off the road and I attempt to clean him up the best I can without taking him out of the seat.  Being on the side of a busy highway I didn't feel comfortable unhooking him.  I just wanted to get what I could up and make sure he was ok.  While I tended to Bear Hubby fixed the straps on the roof so they weren't flapping around. When we did what we could we got back on the road to find a more suitable spot to take Bear out and change his clothes.

A few miles down the road we found a gas restaurant and pulled off.  It had been so early that thankfully Bear did not have much of anything to vomit making cleanup relatively easy.  I changed his clothes and offered him some Cheerios which he refused. I don't blame him but I had to offer him something and it wasn't going to be milk.  ::cringe:: 

We hopped back onto the road as we were not terribly far from our new home.  I figured I would judge it all on Bear and how he was doing.  If he slept or was content we would push it to the new home but if he got too fussy we would pull over and try to feed him.

Thankfully we were able to push through and get to the new house before he got too fussy.  

We got to the house earlier than expected.  Walked the dogs and fed Bear. A bottle of milk and mass amounts of Cheerios made him a happy toddler.  It gave us a some time to look around the new house in a walk through.  We noted some damage but over all the house was pretty good.

Once we got the keys, Hubby set up pack and play while I started cleaning.

Bear ate Cheerios and played with his Sesame Street bus.  

Once we hit a logical stopping point we went to pick up some supplies as well as grab lunch.

Target was right around the corner.  I know where I will be spending some of my time when I am bored.

Then off to Red Robin for some lunch.

Bear Loves Chicken Fingers.  What toddler doesn't?

Bacon Mushroom Burger for me.

Something spicy for Hubby.

Freckled lemonade for my treat!

Burgers for us and chicken fingers for Bear.  I had waaaaaaayyyyyyy too many freckled lemonades to eat my whole meal.  Then again left overs are not a bad things when moving.

We spent the night watching movies on a lap top once we finished cleaning. 

This was our set up.  Camping chairs and camping table.  It really wasn't that bad.

This was Bears set up.  Pack and play near the wall unit / shelving with camera and iPad.  We left this up for when they dropped off our household the following day.

All in all I like this new place.  


  1. I am so jealous you have a Red Robin!!!!! So good haha.

    1. It really is good. One of my favorites.

  2. BEAUTIFUL wood floors! Jealous! lol


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