Tuesday, June 16, 2015

National Aquarium

We took a trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland last week.  I had hoped because we went in the evening that it wouldn't have been so crowded but I was wrong.  Thankfully it want packed but it was a worth the trip.  Bear as he has never been to an aquarium and for his first time he seemed to enjoy it.

Since we are always looking for something to do we picked up membership passes.  So it looks like there will be lots of trips to the aquarium in my future this next year.  Not that I am complaining or anything seeing as the high cost of the tickets means if we go twice they have paid for themselves!  

General admission tickets for this aquarium are steep! $40 per person not including parking.  You can get a discount on parking if you use a specific parking garage even with general admission.  A few of the things that sold us on the membership package were the extra discount on parking ($9 off parking for over 2 hours), unlimited visits, members only days (once a month), and discounts on guest passes.  There are more perks but let's be honest we likely won't use those pricey (but discounted) excursions at the aquarium.  

One of the first things about this place that struck me as strange was they do not allow strollers.  At first I thought I would hate this.  You check your stroller and can use a backpack carrier for kids if you would like.  We opted to use one.  Bear was not thrilled at first but he warned up to the idea after a few minutes.

Once we got inside I realized why this very rule existed.  There are narrow walkways and lots of stairs/escalators that would be difficult to navigate if there were strollers.  I think it would also take something away from the beauty of the place.

The place is very pretty with lots to see.  Below are some pictures from our first of many trips.

We skipped over some of the areas because of the crowds.  So some things will still be new to us next time.

Have you ever done season tickets to the aquarium?  Were they worth it for you and your family?


  1. I've always wanted to visit this aquarium, it looks amazing!

  2. 40 per person! That's outrageous! yikes! We have a little aquarium, but its only 8 buckes per person

  3. The weekend after we got annual passes here Hubs got orders to Japan. Then we took Big Girl on an aquarium field trip this year and got hit with our short notice pcs orders back here. Aquariums are apparently bad for us, lol. And funny story--on a trip there after getting him brand new glasses, Hubs had them knocked into the SHARK TANK by Big Girl. That was fun getting them back, haha!


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