Friday, June 26, 2015

Mason Jar Holder

I saw these on Pinterest and new it would be perfect for holding my mason jar herb garden.

While at Joann fabric I picked up three unfinished CD crates.  This was the same time I picked up some of my supplies for my Mason Jar Herb Garden. 

Hence this picture.

Honestly I could have made them as its a simple design but I didn't really want to go through that hassle while we were still in the process of unpacking.

The other supplies needed for this project was sandpaper, stain/sealer, a brush, and handles or pulls.  Not pictures is the drill used to put the holes into the wood.

Measure the holes.  Drill in the correct locations.  Note: use light touch with the pencil.  I made them pretty dark and had trouble erasing them.  The stain thankfully covered it since I went with a dark color.

I sanded each of the crates and then laid them out on packaging paper to stain them.

I started with the inside bottom to make sure I like the color.  I picked espresso.  I wanted them to fit in with our furniture which are all dark colored wood.  The smallest bit goes a long way with stain so make sure you use a light hand.  I wish I had also picked up a smaller brush to help me get into those small spaces between the boards.

I added felt circle to the bottom so they do not scratch our tables.

You can read about the Mason Jar Herb Garden here.  


  1. I love this, the crafts you have been doing lately are turning out amazing!

    1. Thanks! I am loving having the time or really making the time to get back into crafting.


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