Monday, June 15, 2015

Mason Jar Herb Garden

I wanted to have an inside Herb garden for a long time now.  This was the best time to jump into it so here we go!

I went to Joann Fabrics for a different project (another post for another day) and saw these beautiful green one quart mason jars.  I picked up a dozen jars total.

I wanted to keep the box wrapped in plastic for the time being.  I neatly cut and folded back the plastic so that I could take the jars out without disturbing it, yet it would still protect the box.

Then I picked up several bags of these glass vase fillers.  You need a place for water to drain and this helps with that.

Because we are just a bit OCD we actually counted it out and put 75 glass beads into every jar.  

For those of you not so meticulous about its to right around the one cup line on the jar.

Then it's time to fill the jars up with dirt.

I picked an organic dirt but you can use whatever indoor/ outdoor potting soil you would like.

I filled the jars with dirt to the one quart line.

Most herbs are full light.  I plan to bring them outside to my patio table when the weather is nice.  When inside they will be near the window for optimal light.  

I put the seeds in the top and then covered with the appropriate amount of dirt.  It was easier than putting all the dirt in and then digging down to the depth needed.

For seeds with a shallower depth I added some extra dirt before I sprinkled the seeds.  Obviously, then cover with more dirt. 

Make sure to label as you go!  I used a silver sharpie marker right on the jar.  I plan to wipe that off with rubbing alcohol and putting a chalk sticker on there.  I want to make it look just a bit fancier since they will be indoors most of the time.

The picture above is from a week or so worth of growth.  I used a decent amount of seeds.  More than you really need to.  I  will pick some out and plant them outside or give them away so as not to crowd the jar.  

I kept them in the boxes with the plastic on the outside until I could make the mason jar holders.  Look out for that in the future.


  1. Such a fun idea, I love it! :)

  2. great idea! I had some herbs in my house but I was seriously overrun with gnats. It was making me INSANE so i threw them all out. lol

    1. I can understand that! Thankfully I have not had any problem with bugs.


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