Friday, June 19, 2015

Maryland Zoo

We have been trying to get out and explore the area since hubby is on leave. Take the mornings to explore and yet still be home for Bears' nap time. We used that time to unpack.  After all when Hubby has a month of leave he is using you need to something.

I mentioned before how we picked up season passes to the Aquarium.  We did the same for the Maryland Zoo.  The cost is well worth it since we are planning on coming back.

Thankfully I guess strollers were welcome here but you can't take them on the trolley that brings you from the entrance to the animals.  We walked it as Bear was content in his stroller.   It wasn't that bad of a walk.

The zoo is broken up into 4 main sections.  The "Maryland wilderness", "African Journey", the "Polar Bear Watch" and the "Penguin coast".  It's pretty self explanatory so let's move on to the pictures shall we?

You can learn more by going here.

The walk to the exhibits.

Within the Maryland section...

The otter digging in the corner.  Bear loved the activity of this animal.  Obviously and active animal is more exciting to observe.

Aside from the obvious snakes, birds, and spiders they included a Farm in the Maryland section.

 The farm had a petting zoo, so I moved along.  The obvious smell on a warm day was not appealing at all but it goes along with being at the zoo with live animals. 

Watching through the slots in the fencing.  

We spent quite a bit of time with the elephants as they were Bears favorite.

The polar Bear exhibit was crowded so we skipped a lot of this area.  We will be coming back so it wasn't that big of a deal.

Similar to the Polar Bear exhibit the Penguins were equally as busy.  They too were left for another day. 

Overall it is something I look forward to going back too.  They had several animals that weren't out that hopefully will be on on future trips.  Bear had a great time and that's all I really wanted.


  1. I love all the exploring you are doing!

    1. It's nice to have a ton of options close by for us to do.


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