Monday, June 29, 2015

Love it, Leave it (Maryland Home Edition)

Every place you move into you find things that you love and things that you hate about it.  Some of these you can live with and others you hope you never see again.  Others you hope you see over and over again.

Love it - That the kitchen drawers open fully AND they also have the soft close feature.  I hope I see this over and over and over again.  I want this in my dream home.

Leave it - all top cabinets have no doors.  While it forces me to be more organized, I still wish they had glass doors on them to do nothing more than keep out dust.  This may drive me nuts while we are here.

Love it - The open concept living space.  When I am cooking I no longer feel like I am separated from everyone else.

Leave it - Small Appliances.  The fridge, dish washer, and stove/oven are smaller than I am used to.  It feels very European to me.  It is something we are adjusting too. The picture does not adequately show what I am talking about.  I run this thing like 4 times a week!  I have never run any dishwasher that much without there being company over.

Love it - Fenced in yard.  We have to have a fenced in yard because of the pups.  They really need it.  The peace of mind I have from just being able to open the backdoor and let them out without fear they will run away.  

Leave it - No master bath.  I like a master bath for nothing more than we don't have to have guest use our bathroom. I also don't have to have kid toys in my bathroom.  However, this isn't the worst thing in the world.  The bathroom is big enough that it really isn't much of a problem thankfully.  

Love it - No soaking tub - This is strange to say but the tub is narrow yet deep and I love it!  The main reason I hate this is that the overflow drain in soaking tubs / garden tubs is rather low.  The tub we have here is narrow, deep, and the drain is placed as high as it can go.  I love it!  I want one in every house!

Love it - We have more rooms than we need.  Five total to be exact.  Now I'm not saying that we will be looking for a five bedroom house in the future cause we won't but I will take advantage of this while I can.  I was able to turn one room upstairs into a play room.  Additionally, we have no garage so the extra space is beneficial.  The Sun Room is not heated nor cooled so it is acting as our garage.  

Leave it - The owners updated the upstairs but were PCSed before they could do much to the downstairs.  This means they didn't get to do what they really wanted to downstairs.  Instead they kinda sorta laid carpet and painted.  Let's just say some things are questionable.  Like the laundry chute to no where.  Well it goes somewhere but they paneled over it.  Things like this I am assuming were going to be addressed had they had the real time to do it.  This is all based on the condition of the upstairs.

Overall, I like it here.  The things I dislike are manageable, if they weren't we would not have taken this place.  

What do you love or hate about your home?


  1. To me there is nothing better than a fenced in yard! It's so nice!

    1. I love it and the Dogs really need it.

  2. oh gosh your green backyard makes me jealous! I LOVE grass, we live in the dessert so no grass for me.

  3. I'll probably be making my list once we get settled in our new temporary home next month! It's the first time we'll be in a married home that isn't base housing.


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