Tuesday, June 30, 2015

101 in 1001 update (July 2015)


6. renew our passports and get Bear one
Check!  We renewed our passports and got Bear one.  The whole fiasco was a huge pain in the butt because the post office didn't have their act together.  

17. Grow and herb garden from scratch and keep it alive for a year.
See below...Mason Jar Herb garden.  I'm counting this one as complete seeing as if the seeds die I will be picking up the plants and planting them into the jars.  I'm seriously loving fresh herbs for cooking.

73.  Find Christmas Stockings and Get our names embroidered on them.
I am counting this one as complete.  I found these stocking ornaments that I will use in place of the embroidered names.  I will print up our names and place them in the frame area.  Then I will attach them to the stockings.  This will take the place of us purchasing new ones.  I want to hold off on doing so until we decide our family is complete.  Until then I feel like this fulfills the spirit of the goal.

Working on...

12. Make 5 handmade things for Bear (1/5) 
We made the paintings a while back for Bear's Room.  I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier.  However since we made them within the time frame of this, it counts. 

14. Do Eight pinterest inspired craft pins (3/8)
Mason Jar Herb Garden.  I'll be writing about this later on but it was a pretty neat project.  The other project I finished was a Semi homemade Mason Jar Holders.  Again another post I will be writing about when I get the time.

19. Eat one Vegetarian meal per month for this project (10/31)
I know we have eaten several vegetarian meals over the last few months but I can't for the life of me remember what they were.  I know ratatouille was one but rest were fairly boring.  I think moving does that.  You empty the pantry and make meals with what you have.  

20.  Bake something new every month for this project. (sweet or savory) (10/31)
I was still baking some of the things throughout our move.  Various casseroles.  None of which were thrilling enough to write about. 

37. Order different things at restaurant we normally frequently 10 different times (3/10) this may need to be changed to 5 different meals at 2 different.  I have done a good job at ordering different things from the menu and even found a few new favorites which was the intent behind this particular goal anyway.

57. Watch twenty-five movies that hubby recommends that I have not seen (11/25)

Once again hubby's gotten me to see two new to me movies and one new movie.

First up was john Carter.  It was an interesting concept and film.  It's not one I would have watched on my own but it was good.

The next movie was really really good.  Again not one I would have watched but I am so glad that I did!  

The last movie wasn't as good as I thought it would be.  The Penguins of Madagascar was just ok.  They didn't focus on the Penguins like the trailers implied.  The mission, which was again only ok, wasn't worth the tickets in the theater.  That said its on par with the TV. Show.


I have failed nothing since my last update.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Love it, Leave it (Maryland Home Edition)

Every place you move into you find things that you love and things that you hate about it.  Some of these you can live with and others you hope you never see again.  Others you hope you see over and over again.

Love it - That the kitchen drawers open fully AND they also have the soft close feature.  I hope I see this over and over and over again.  I want this in my dream home.

Leave it - all top cabinets have no doors.  While it forces me to be more organized, I still wish they had glass doors on them to do nothing more than keep out dust.  This may drive me nuts while we are here.

Love it - The open concept living space.  When I am cooking I no longer feel like I am separated from everyone else.

Leave it - Small Appliances.  The fridge, dish washer, and stove/oven are smaller than I am used to.  It feels very European to me.  It is something we are adjusting too. The picture does not adequately show what I am talking about.  I run this thing like 4 times a week!  I have never run any dishwasher that much without there being company over.

Love it - Fenced in yard.  We have to have a fenced in yard because of the pups.  They really need it.  The peace of mind I have from just being able to open the backdoor and let them out without fear they will run away.  

Leave it - No master bath.  I like a master bath for nothing more than we don't have to have guest use our bathroom. I also don't have to have kid toys in my bathroom.  However, this isn't the worst thing in the world.  The bathroom is big enough that it really isn't much of a problem thankfully.  

Love it - No soaking tub - This is strange to say but the tub is narrow yet deep and I love it!  The main reason I hate this is that the overflow drain in soaking tubs / garden tubs is rather low.  The tub we have here is narrow, deep, and the drain is placed as high as it can go.  I love it!  I want one in every house!

Love it - We have more rooms than we need.  Five total to be exact.  Now I'm not saying that we will be looking for a five bedroom house in the future cause we won't but I will take advantage of this while I can.  I was able to turn one room upstairs into a play room.  Additionally, we have no garage so the extra space is beneficial.  The Sun Room is not heated nor cooled so it is acting as our garage.  

Leave it - The owners updated the upstairs but were PCSed before they could do much to the downstairs.  This means they didn't get to do what they really wanted to downstairs.  Instead they kinda sorta laid carpet and painted.  Let's just say some things are questionable.  Like the laundry chute to no where.  Well it goes somewhere but they paneled over it.  Things like this I am assuming were going to be addressed had they had the real time to do it.  This is all based on the condition of the upstairs.

Overall, I like it here.  The things I dislike are manageable, if they weren't we would not have taken this place.  

What do you love or hate about your home?

Friday, June 26, 2015

Mason Jar Holder

I saw these on Pinterest and new it would be perfect for holding my mason jar herb garden.

While at Joann fabric I picked up three unfinished CD crates.  This was the same time I picked up some of my supplies for my Mason Jar Herb Garden. 

Hence this picture.

Honestly I could have made them as its a simple design but I didn't really want to go through that hassle while we were still in the process of unpacking.

The other supplies needed for this project was sandpaper, stain/sealer, a brush, and handles or pulls.  Not pictures is the drill used to put the holes into the wood.

Measure the holes.  Drill in the correct locations.  Note: use light touch with the pencil.  I made them pretty dark and had trouble erasing them.  The stain thankfully covered it since I went with a dark color.

I sanded each of the crates and then laid them out on packaging paper to stain them.

I started with the inside bottom to make sure I like the color.  I picked espresso.  I wanted them to fit in with our furniture which are all dark colored wood.  The smallest bit goes a long way with stain so make sure you use a light hand.  I wish I had also picked up a smaller brush to help me get into those small spaces between the boards.

I added felt circle to the bottom so they do not scratch our tables.

You can read about the Mason Jar Herb Garden here.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

An addictively delicious post

Seasoned Spicy Pretzels

Lemon pepper seasoning
red pepper flakes
Garlic salt


Add ranch packet


Dump pretzels in bag

Pour in vegetable oil

Pour in seasoning mixture

Close but puff bag up

Shake the bag vigorously.  

Let it sit for 3 hours total shaking the bag about once every hour. 

One final shake then enjoy.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Maryland Zoo

We have been trying to get out and explore the area since hubby is on leave. Take the mornings to explore and yet still be home for Bears' nap time. We used that time to unpack.  After all when Hubby has a month of leave he is using you need to something.

I mentioned before how we picked up season passes to the Aquarium.  We did the same for the Maryland Zoo.  The cost is well worth it since we are planning on coming back.

Thankfully I guess strollers were welcome here but you can't take them on the trolley that brings you from the entrance to the animals.  We walked it as Bear was content in his stroller.   It wasn't that bad of a walk.

The zoo is broken up into 4 main sections.  The "Maryland wilderness", "African Journey", the "Polar Bear Watch" and the "Penguin coast".  It's pretty self explanatory so let's move on to the pictures shall we?

You can learn more by going here.

The walk to the exhibits.

Within the Maryland section...

The otter digging in the corner.  Bear loved the activity of this animal.  Obviously and active animal is more exciting to observe.

Aside from the obvious snakes, birds, and spiders they included a Farm in the Maryland section.

 The farm had a petting zoo, so I moved along.  The obvious smell on a warm day was not appealing at all but it goes along with being at the zoo with live animals. 

Watching through the slots in the fencing.  

We spent quite a bit of time with the elephants as they were Bears favorite.

The polar Bear exhibit was crowded so we skipped a lot of this area.  We will be coming back so it wasn't that big of a deal.

Similar to the Polar Bear exhibit the Penguins were equally as busy.  They too were left for another day. 

Overall it is something I look forward to going back too.  They had several animals that weren't out that hopefully will be on on future trips.  Bear had a great time and that's all I really wanted.

Barbie Hair Fixes Part 1

Let's jump right on into it.   Every doll hair fix tutorial I could find started with brushing out the dolls hair.  It may look worse...