Thursday, May 7, 2015

What's in my Travel Bag

Every PCS (military lingo for a move) I pack myself a backpack of some of my creature comforts.  Things that will make the move easier for me especially if we aren't going to have our stuff for a bit.  My one rule is it all must fit neatly into my back pack. 

Cell phone with charger - duh!

Net Book with charger and wireless mouse - I'm not sure I could be without a computer during a move.  My net book especially.  It's usefulness is to great not to bring it!   Since hubby is bringing the laptop for him/us, I have my Netbook for whatever I need to do.  Granted his is mostly for watching movies as netbook a don't have DVD drives.  Let's be honest here!

DVDs - my DVD case is packed to the brim! I wouldn't have it any other way.  Since we can't take all our movies with us I picked out some chick flicks for me, a few chick flicks hubby can stand, a few action and comedy movies for hubby, and the rest are kids movies.  To be fair Bear will really only care about the Paw patrol DVD but at least these we can watch with Bear around.

kindle with charger and light
Thanks to technology I can now take most of my library with me in one compact little eReader.  I have a 3 chick lit books/beach reads and 2 parenting books.  This should be enough for me for a few weeks anyway.  If I need more I can  hop on Amazon and get them with ease. The light is simply because I have the kindle 5 that reads like paper.  I did not like looking at a computer screen when trying to read a book.  It bothered my eyes too much to make it worth it.  That said if I don't have a light I can not read before bed since my kindle is not back lit.  

Nintendo DS with charger and games - My inner 6 year old is showing though here I guess.  No internet means I resort back to playing my DS.  I used this a lot when I was traveling for work in my 20's.  Now it only really comes out of the box when we travel long distances.  So I really haven't used it in a few years.  This is also back then I also didn't have a smart phone to use for games, which oddly even now is rare.  I try to not just play games like Sonic or Mario cart but things that were a bit more educational like Brain Age or My French Coach.  Which I guess are still games.  Maybe this is me just justifying my usage.  Regardless it is something for me to do when break from my book at some point.  You know, when I am not busy tending to Bear or some other aspect of the move.

iPod with charger - I keep old favorites and I try to add a couple new Albums to it a few days before I move.  I like listening to something I haven't heard a million times over on a long car trip.  It is mostly just country and classic rock with a few pop songs thrown in.  For this trip I picked up... 

Loving "mean to me" right now.

I love anything rascal flatts puts out.  
Most of their stuff is great driving music.

And a few songs from the Zac Brown Band. 

Who doesn't like a good summer song?

Headphones - it's always good to have a set or two for a long trip!  One set must be able to function with my phone for hands free talking on my cell while I do what I need to do.  My car had Bluetooth but that's not always convenient.  

A New Magazine (or hard copy book) -  I am a reader at heart.  Because of this, I like to keep a book or magazine on me to read whenever I get the chance.  When I am in a waiting room or in the car waiting in line for an oil change I pull out my reading material and take in as much as I can until some action from me is needed.  Call me crazy but little bits of me time is good for my sanity.   Naturally, during a move I will also need to take full advantage of these little down times.  

This issues of women' s health (Britney!) has been sitting on my nightstand for a few months so it will work for traveling.  

Cards, pen, and paper -  For us that means a deck of regular playing cards, uno, and of course phase 10.  If you follow me on Instagram then you know I love a good game of Phase 10.  Thankfully hubby also likes to play as well.  I have an extra pad so I'm taking that Instead.  As a side note I prefer the index cards because a few of the standard size fit neatly inside the box.  

My nail kit -  I like to try to keep my nails looking nice.  During a move I typically have plenty of down time.  I'm not going to be painting my nails in the car or anything crazy like that but I will make them looks pretty sans polish.  My nail kit typically contains a cuticle pusher, nippers(that's what I call it anyway, not sure what it's really called), nail clippers, and various files.  I removed and packed away the base coat, quick dry top coat, travel nail polish remover, and cotton balls from the kit.  I won't be added polish so they aren't needed.  I have no desire to worry about broken nail polish on this trip.  The thought alone of one breaking gives me anxiety.  After all the whole point in doing my nails is to relax.  It's a little something I can do to pamper myself along the drive. 

My Pillow - my pillow will always make the move on my person or crammed into a suitcase.  Hotel pillows are just not the same.  However because I have left it in a hotel, they mailed it back to me, it will not leave the car for fear I will not get it back.  

Eye mask - Hubby found this eye mask for me a few years ago and I have to say it is my favorite.  It seems a bit funny looking with the bubbles over the eyes but I never really liked the mask directly on my eyes while I tried to sleep.  With this one on I could open my eye completely and it wouldn't touch the mask at all.  Hubby said from his research it helped to promote REM sleep by allowing for rapid eye movements by not touching the eyelids.  I don't know if any of that is true but I do greatly love this eye mask.  

Snacks - lately that means raw almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, left over candy canes from Christmas, junior mints, some green tea super fruit tea bags, and lots of bottled water!  Again I am trying to stay away from sweets but I wanted to have a few sweet treats so I didn't pick up even worse junk at the gas station for pit stops.  Additionally I tossed in some granola bars.  They are just good to have on hand.

I think every PCS brings something different with so much down time I wanted to take advantage of it.  Some of the following items would have been nice to have but they just didn't workout this time.

Audio Book(s) -  typically I add an audio book onto my iPod as well as some new music.  However, I just didn't have time to find one we both would like so I skipped it.  Surely I know I will regret this at some point along the trip.  Also please tell me I am not the only one that likes audio books?

A small crocheting project - I have a small bag that I keep my crochet projects in that I can and often do take on long car trips.  It gives me something to do that is often a mindless task.  The whole idle hands thing and all.  Most of the time I don't even need to look at what I am doing which makes it easy to do in the car.  However this time I am fresh out of projects that can comfortably fit in the car.  So for now this will get packed by the movers.  

What creature comforts do you take with you when you move?  or travel even?


  1. These are all awesome items to have part of your bag!

    1. I think a lot of people probably have similar items.


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