Monday, May 4, 2015

What's in Bears' Travel Bag (Alternatively Titled Bears' Toy Bag)

This is our first move with a child.  Obviously this adds another person and another set of needs.  One of these needs is toys.  Things to play with and things to entertain him not only throughout the trip but also while we are packing/unpacking.  The last thing I want to do is end up rushing to unpack his room just for some toys.  This is why I packed him a toy bag.  Toys that keep his attention and likes the best were ones I needed pack clearly.

Since I already rotate his toys I felt I could easily pull out some of the toys and put others away without him even caring.  I started doing this well over a month ago.  I want the toys to be fresh or not played with for a bit verse ones he sees every day.  Granted a few of those will be put in out of necessity.  These will mainly be his stuffed bunny, Stuffed dog, and the two two sleeping toys he has (elephant/monkey with teething bits on the feet).  I could not take those away without tears and I dare not try.  

So on to what I packed...

I used my old Jansport backpack for him as it is an easy well loved bag that we don't use often.

All of the books I packed fit neatly in the front of the front pocket.

It all fits neatly inside and opens wide enough that he can pick out hat he wants without having to dig through the bag.

A preview of what I packed for him.  There are a few I missed that I added later.

When it came time to pick up a stacking type toy for Bear I liked this non-traditional anyway OBall Stacker best.  He likes assembling it however he sees fit or hiding small toys under it.  

The travel bus is a brand new toy for him.  It came with only Elmo and Cookie Monster.  I picked up Grover, Abby and Oscar the Grouch (pictured below) to hopefully help make this toy a hit for him.

The extra Sesame Street figures I picked up I tried to cram them all into the bus.  Only three really fit in there and for some reason I felt the need to put another on in there.  I hope this something that he likes.  The links are his new favorite teething rings but I also use them to keep toys attached to his car seat and stroller.

This CAT truck is one of the most used toys he has.  It makes several noises and moves on its own.  What little boy wouldn't love that?

Obviously I wanted to try to contain the small-ish pieces seeing as the backpack opens up completely.  No, he will not be playing with the bag.  I'm not an idiot. ;)  This is more for my own sanity.

He is a typical boy and loves vehicles of all kinds.  This was a random splattering of what he has that will hopefully entertain him.

What little kid doesn't love Little People toys?  Bear certainly does and the farm ones are his favorite.  It wasn't until I pulled a few out that I realized just how terrible their sizing is.  I mean that chicken is massive compared to the pony and calf.

These are bath toys but then will never see water.  They were really the only Paw patrol toys that were suitable for two year olds.  He loves them!

I am trying to keep what I can consistent for Bear, part of this is his bath time routine.  He enjoys his bath time so I wanted to bring a few of his favorite bath toys.  This will keep some sense of normality for him.  

Bear loves books!  So of course I needed to bring some new ones and some well loved ones.  Starting with the new ones we have "Go, Dog, Go" by Eastman and "Let's Go to The Zoo" by Fisher Price Little People.  "Peek-A-Who?" by Laden and "Little Blue Truck" By Schertle I talked about here.  The last book, "The Big Hungry Bear" you can read more about here

Elmo and the small set of Mega Bloks were not originally going to be something that I was going to take for him but I wanted to put a few more things in there.  He likes to hold Elmo while watching Elmo's World or playing with his Sesame Street toys.

After taking the picture of everything in the bag I noticed that I started to add a few more toys here and there to it.  So here is picture of everything else I tossed in there.  Why I felt like I needed to add more is beyond me.

Two hard paper tubes and wrapping bows.  These are crazy to pack I know, but Bear loves playing with this stuffs.  Seriously I buy my kid  decent amount of toys and he likes the hard paper tubes from the food saver rolls.  However they break or whatever they get tossed.  Same goes for the bows.  He is now obsessed with this shape sorter since I pulled it out of storage.  He spent almost 2 full hours playing with it so I knew this would be a hit and maybe just maybe give me some time to unpack few boxes.  A set of toy keys because you know, teething sucks! Then two more books.  You know, because 5 clearly was not enough.

And Yes, All of this managed to fit into the backpack.  It's a tight it that I really want to avoid having to repack but it works.

Besides the toys we have some dvds we can play.  Then there is always our iPad or our old iPhone  with some apps and movies that we cause use in a pinch.

Clearly I over packed for him but his being the first PCS with him I'm not really sure how he will react.

What toys do you take with your kid when you move or PCS? 


  1. I don't think you overpacked at all! I'm sure he will be happy. :)

    1. It worked out well because he had extra toys that his cousins could play with.


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