Friday, May 22, 2015

Shades of Brown

Color and pattern are two things hubby hates.  If it were up to him the whole house would be various shades of brown, all with no pattern.  Correction all with what he thinks is pattern,  because, you know, this is a pattern right?

Our living room area rug.

It is beige with a brown boarder and is currently our "patterned" area rug.  He thinks, and I agree completely, that we need to keep large pieces of furniture in neutral, solid color especially when you move all the time.  Neutral piece always fit in when you can't pick color choices of walls.  Hello, LSU colored living room from our last house, gag!  Yet, it doesn't mean ALL home decor needs to be neutral in color like ours seems to be.  The living room alone consists of beige couches, brown pillows, Beige carpet, tan throw, truffle throw, and dark wood tables (which I love!)  So basically I am drowning in a sea of brown.

I did have a small victory in home decor.  I pushed enough to pick up this rug to use for Bears' play area.

Sorry for the sleeping baby,
it is the best picture I have of this rug.

It is gray but it shockingly has a design.  Baby steps here people.  I was damn near floored when he said he "liked it" last month.  He added that while it was sorta neutral "that he liked, it had a design that I liked.  The best mix of the two of us."  It was a start anyway.  Now I just need to push a bit more.

My plan is to continue with small bits of color and pattern.  I want to pick up a table runner or some place mats.  Maybe even some kitchen towels.  I am thinking something like these...

images from

A touch of color and pattern but it does not hit you in the face with it.  This is the only way I know that it will happen.  I can't just totally drop him in Homes Goods and expect him to like anything colorful without throwing him a bone.  For him, its a neutral backing with a simple pattern.  What most of the above items have.  I'll admit the table runner on the top left would be a bit of a push, but I think he would grow to like it or at least tolerate it.  

Following those parameters I even got him to agree to these kitchen towels not too long ago!

I bought these at Kohls.

My next jump after the kitchen takeover is to get some pillows for the couch.  Something with a neutral background but a colorful pattern.  Additionally I want pillows for the outdoor furniture set we to buy.  Any other ideas you all have me?

How does your spouse feel about color and pattern around your house and in your home decor?


  1. I love the rug in Bears play area!

    1. Thanks! I love it and from walmart no less.


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