Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pictured Pop pulled pork (some words included)

I previously wrote about how I love using the crockpot for home cooked meals while I unpack the house.  This is another great recipe I like to use when unpacking.

Or any rootbeer soda works. 
Dr. Pepper is good too.

Cook until it falls apart easily.  Skim the fat off the top of the liquid then remove the meat.  Shred the pork.  We serve it as is and let the person decide what BBQ sauce (or dripping), if any, they want on their sandwich.  You could also toss the shredded pork in the BBQ sauce prior to serving. 


  1. I haven't used my crock pot in a really long time, I need to get back into that.

    1. I think I get the most use out of it in the fall time when I'm making stews. I have found some lighter recipes for it lately. Easy meals while moving are my favorite!


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