Friday, May 1, 2015

One last Louisiana date night

We have put off for so long this particular date night for so long.  There is a relatively local "resort" just south of us that is known for it casino and the "amazing" buffet.  We took the one final opportunity we had and decided to make a date of it.  If you can call it a date when you drag your toddler with you.  Ok, so more of a family dinner.  Regardless, we finally went to enjoy.  It of course couldn't come without its hiccups.  That being we were having to take calls regarding the move and the new house the whole trip.

Since we were all so hungry we bee lined it straight for food and decided to take in the sights later.  The dinner special included Crab legs and that really was the best thing they had there.  Why people raved so much about all the fabulous food I will never know! The rest was just eh.  So basically if you weren't coming for the special you wouldn't have much else to choose from.  We ended up eating our fill in crab legs before hitting up the dessert bar.  Which by the way was really good.  Silly me only took pictures of the desserts (figures) which I only did once hubby mentioned that I hadn't taken a single picture all evening.  I'll blame my hunger for that one.  Still I did take pictures of our delicious desserts.
This is hubby's dessert picks.  He said the Crème Brulee was delicious.

I have been good about cutting down my sweets lately but that went out the window when I saw they had mini cheese cakes and bark.  Clearly I needed a chocolate fix by the look of my plate.
After dinner we walked around a bit, while also fielding phone calls and emails about the move.  We had a peaceful dinner but afterwards my phone would not stop going off.  We stopped for a bit to enjoy the fire place while I typed up some emails.  It was very pretty but my stealthy photo was a miss.

On sight is also several other locations to eat.  This one above is for Southern food specifically.  It looked very beautiful.  My picture does not do it justice.  Another restaurant I wish we would have gone too (without child in tow) would be the Steakhouse place.  Their wine list alone had me drooling.  Oh if only we had known.

On the way out we spotted some deer just hanging by the road.  You would think by how I reacted I had never seen a deer in my life.


This goes to show we should not have waited so long to do this.  Note to self... More actual date nights a the new location! 


  1. Sounds like a great date night to me!

    1. Bear was really very well behaved. He tried some food but mostly sat there reading his books and nibbling on bread. It was something good to do for us. Seriously, you all need to try for the steakhouse place there. I hear good things about it!


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