Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Love It, Like It

Love it

My kindle.  It's not fancy, as it is the reads like paper version.  I love it more and more every time I use it!  Yes, the system for ebooks are not anywhere close to perfect (the dreadful lending limitations), however I find that as long as the ebook I want is a reasonable price I will continue to use it!  Now what good books have you been reading that I need to add to my list?

Running/jogging/walking.  Lately, I have just been happy getting out and moving. Rediscovering my love for running.  For now I am simply focused on duration and number of days per week.  Speed will come over time.  The win here is that I want to get out and get moving.
Post workout accountability

Yoga.  I love getting up and spending 20 or so minutes working on various poses. Stretching my body out and relaxing before the whorl wind that is Bear wakes up and the stresses of the day begin.  

New Workout Clothing.  I have been using my old pj's as workout clothes and frankly it is not cute.  Not in the least.  Then came a shopping spree...

Old Navy Active 
I spent waaaaay to much but I do love everything I got!

Like it

Craft DIY. I am loving various home DIY crafts that I can't wait to dive into.  The biggest two on my mind right now are a Quilt Ladder and a Mason Jar Herb Garden.  I can't jump into any projects right now but I will as soon as we get settled I will.

I am thinking something like this but I want to put my own spin on it.

Shopping in my makeup cabinet.  It no secret that I have a ton of makeup and beauty products.  I have the cabinet packed.  Since I really don't need anything I have put myself on a beauty ban of sorts.  This means I am not allowed to buy anything and need to use what I have.  I like that I am "shopping my cabinet" and finding things I didn't know I had in there.  I mean really picking through it and not re-buying things even if I love them.  That is my main problem.  It keeps me from tying other things that I already have.  Also can I ask, who needs 12 different shades of pink blush?  I certainly don't but I will use them because well I have them.  

Along with Shopping my Makeup Cabinet, No more Nail Polish Purchases.  I have to many nail polishes banning any new purchases has helped me cut them down significantly!  The latest polish I am loving the Mint colored polish by Essie.  It's last years color and the name has since worn off.

Furniture shopping.  We have no real need for furniture but we do have things that we want.  At the top of this list is a Buffet or Sideboard.  Something to hold our fine china yet it's the typical cabinet.  This is something that we are leaning towards from target.  The only modification I would make to this is to add some removable window cling to frost the glass.  I like that it is not very traditional.  I didn't want the whole China cabinet with the plates displayed.  It's just not us.  I should be able to nearly stack everything inside.

image from target.com

We also are looking to get an outdoor patio set like this one below from Target.

Images from Target.com
Clearly we are unsure on the color we like but either will do for me.  Shockingly, hubby likes them both!  

What are you loving and liking lately?


  1. Yay for new workout clothes, that is always what most of my spending goes towards haha.

    1. New clothes make me want to workout harder.


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