Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Louisiana Living Comes to an End

Today is day 1,175 of Louisiana Living.  That is also just over 3 years.  The longest we have been at any one location.  Longer than any location we will be at for the foreseeable future.   Day 1,175 is also the last day we will be in Louisiana.  I can't help but reflect on how bitter sweet this is.  So very much as happened here.  I mean we had our long awaited baby here for crying out loud!  We survived another deployment here.  We made lifelong friends here.  Say what you want about this location but it did feel like home to this New Yorker, even if it was for only a short period of my life. 

In those 1,175 days here we have lived in 3 different houses...

Spent time enjoying the wonderful Cajun Cuisine...

or just a whole lot of crawfish!

Took in some sights....

Made a whole lot memories...

And met some awesome people! 

Louisiana, you have forever changed me.  Hopefully, only for the better.  As we are quite literally heading down the road to our new location I can't help but miss what we are leaving behind while looking forward to what lay ahead.

Maryland here we come!


  1. I wish you all the best in Maryland! I know we will stay in touch. :)


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