Monday, May 18, 2015

Deleting HIMYM

One decision we made for our family is to give up cable when we move.  This doesn't mean will stop watching tv but we will do so via Netflix and channel websites as they often show full episodes, albeit a week or so later.  We have been cutting back anyway so why not just take the full leap when we move.

That said we want to empty our DVR prior to turning it back in.  Most are current episodes or movies but there is a handful of one TV show that has stuck around.  I am specifically talking about 4 episodes from the last season of How I Met Your Mother. 

I love this show.  I have seen every episode multiple times since the show first started.  I am terribly sad that it has ended.  I sobbed watching the last episode live while my husband mocked me.  I'm not one that cries very often but dang it that episode did me in.

So now I have four episodes that I need to cave in and delete.  And delete I did after one final viewing. 

Goodbye "bedtime stories"


Goodbye "Daisy"


Goodbye "The End of the Aisle"


And Goodbye "Last Forever"


It is pathetic I know but I love this show.  I really liked how the last season touched on so many of the big moments from the series.  Not just in flashbacks but in references.  Obviously like most great shows HIMYM is in reruns like crazy but I have yet to see the final season show up.  Or maybe I just need to stop being so cheap and just buy the full series.

Hello new Amazon order!  


  1. I finally went through and cleared out our DVR, so many good things on there haha.

    1. Netflix has saved me some money for now anyway!


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