Wednesday, April 8, 2015

No looking back Wednesday

I stopped drinking Soda 2 years ago today and I don't regret it for a second!


While I don't drink soda I do on the rare occasion use the Soda Stream to make seltzer when I start craving something with bubbles.  This is strictly Carbonated Water.  No sugar or syrups added.  
From someone who used to drink ginger ale like it was going out of style, I don't miss it all that often anymore.  

Have you given up anything for good?


  1. I gave up soda 2 years ago too and it has been amazing!

  2. I really try not to drink soda. Every now and then I'll really want one but I never finish it because it seems too sweet. lol Probably because I don't have them often. I used to have one with lunch and dinner every day! Then I read an article about how one of the worst things you can drink while eating is soda. The carbonation expands your stomach allowing you to fit more food in. No thank you!

    1. Exactly! I would rather eat a piece of cake for the amount of sugar (likely less sugar than soda) than drink a soda now a days. Have you tried Seltzer?


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