Monday, April 27, 2015

How to get dressed by alison freer

I was excited to get this book until I actually got into reading.  I had hoped that this would have been something along the lines of a bunch of those tricks and tips, like what you hear on any style show but combined into one place.  I figured I would have know a few but I was surprised to be reading the same things I have heard only now in written form.  Meaning this book got boring for me and fast!  I wanted to hear something fresh and new.  See something I haven't seen before.  Which by the way this book is void of more than a handful of pictures.  I also did not enjoy the kinda sorta name dropping throughout the book.  The author could have stuck with "a client" or something to that nature.  We all got it, you dress celebrities...move on.   To wrap this whole thing up I am glad that I received this from as a free copy since it was the same old thing.  

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