Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Guest bloggers needed!

I will be PCSing (moving) pretty soon!  (Boy that is frightening to say!) While I am traveling I don't want this space to go empty.  This is where I need your help.

I am looking to get several Guest Bloggers to fill in for me while I move!

You can write about your last move or PCS, a recent craft project, a new workout routine, a new lesson plan you enjoyed teaching, a good recipe, a recent parenting success, the latest book you read, a day in your life, etc. I could go on but you all get the idea.  I write about anything and everything on here so you can too!  
If you are interested in writing something for here please send me a quick email to 

(Please write "guest blogger" in the memo line as I get a ton of emails and don't want to miss it! Thanks in advance.)

For the post please try to include a picture and an about me blurb either in the beginning or end of the post.  Then email it to me in HTML format.  I assure you this is rather simple to do especially if you have blogger.  

The sooner I can get them the better as I would like to schedule things early.  With any move Internet will not be around at some point.  Once I schedule them to post I will make sure to let you know as well a post it on social media.  

If you do not have a blog but would still like to write please feel free to email anyway!  You can still write something!

Thanks in advance!

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