Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter basket 2015

Easter is tomorrow and this year I think his Easter Basket is really cute!  We are trying to not spend too much on the actual items he gets.  He is only 21 months old after all.  Therefore a lot of what is in there is recycled gifts.  By that I mean things we already had, some he has even played with before, but things he hasn't seen in months.  I make it a point to rotate his toys so he can rediscover things he forgot about.  I try to use holidays like this bring out some of those items.  Obviously at his young age he doesn't really know the difference.

As you might be able to see we are also not giving Bear any candy this year.  He has his own snacks like arrow root cookies, Gerber biscuits cookies, and puffs that he loves.  They are sweet enough for him that he doesn't need anything else.  We plan to put a few puffs or a cookie is some of the eggs.  The rest are small little people animals, Sesame Street figures, animal bath toys, and melted down egg shaped crayons.

The Carrot "eggs" and Polka-dot eggs were from the dollar tree.

I'm kicking myself for not getting more of these now.  I didn't like them at first but hubby did.  When filling the eggs I forgot about them and decided I liked them very much.  Enough to run back to the store only to discover they are long gone.  I did get more carrots at I really love those as well!

Thanks to target I picked up the Sesame Street bath paints (2+) and the bath books.  I loved the bath books as a child so I had to pick up a few when I saw them.  One is obviously in his Easter basket and the other two will likely be stocking stuffer for Christmas.   Yes I'm thinking that far ahead sometimes.  The two book are ones we have but rarely read.  Duck and Goose Easter book and a Thumper book.  A whole can of puffs with pretty wrapping rounds out the basket.

There is more!

This golden egg concept is not one I have ever heard of until recently.  Well this is my take on the golden egg...

I knew I wanted to give him the JellyCat Bunny for Easter but I wanted to do so in a special way.  While at target I spotted this big egg with a handle (we removed it) filled with plastic eggs.  You can always use more eggs so I grabbed the one that matched the target set I bought last year and there you have it.  I stuck the golden egg in there with some grass to make it look prettier.  I'll "hide" along with a few of the other eggs in the morning. 

 I'm excited to see how he reacts to it all. Last year was more just for show.  A photo op if you will. This year he gets it a bit more.  He has already done the unit Easter egg hunt but more on that on Sunday.  

What are you all doing for Easter 2015?

What did you put in your kids baskets?

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