Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bath tub finger painting

I decided for some crazy reason that the middle of trying to move it was a great time to start doing some tot school activities with Bear.  I wanted to start small.  Use up some liquids that I didn't want to move and perhaps teach Bear something.  Or at the very least get him used to a type of somewhat structured activity.  

I picked up some bath paints from the dollar area at Target for his Easter Basket but have yet to get around to actually using it.  What better time then to use it as a Tot School activity. 

I started by using painters tape to make a triangle on the wall.  Why a triangle...well it was just something quick and easy to make.  That's why.  I used Bears hand and helped him trace the triangle several times.

Then I put paint all over his hands and directed him to paint the inside of the triangle.  

When Bear has sufficiently covered the inside of the triangle I let him have at it.  He painted his arm, some of the wall, his feet, and of course the bottom of the tub.

After about 20 minutes he had hit his max and was ready to move on.  Really he tried to climb out of the tub.  I peeled the tape off, then rinsed both the wall and Bear.  We followed clean up with Bath time because really why torture us both again later in the day.

Overall I think this was a success.  The activity itself was hit and that in the end was my goal.  Anything else was simply a bonus.  The concept of a triangle is a bit of stretch at his age but it was added exposure to a concept he needs to learn.  I wanted to focus on the color of the paint but they were not very pigment as you can see above.  This is my only problem with the activity.  I will need to pin some good "recipes" for homemade Bath Paint to make before our next attempt at something like this.  


  1. This is such a fun idea! I love it!

    1. Painting in the tub is seriously the best idea ever!

  2. I think this is a great idea! I've been wanting to start to do some things like this with Emily.

    1. this was a great jumping off point for us. I want to keep doing small learning activities with him once we finish the move!


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