Friday, March 27, 2015

Not My Grandmas' Recipe Book

Earlier this week I posted this picture...

Not an advertisement or promotion

As you can read it's a recipe journal.  Blank pages to be fill with recipes created or perfected over time.  I am still eagerly awaiting the arrival of this book.  The reason I am so very excited for it is because I hope that this book of handwritten recipes will get passed down from generation to generation.  Hopefully they can fill any blank pages with their own recipes.  This idea I guess comes from my very own grandmothers family cookbook.

My great grandmother received a blank book from her husband as an anniversary gift.  She filled its pages with recipes, cooking tips, and even gardening ideas.  This became a special item to her when they immigrated from a small town north of Rome to New York.  The book was one of the few personal items that still remains.

It was given to my grandmother a few years before my great grandmothers death.  She instructed my grandmother to pass the book on to her oldest daughter and so on in subsequent generations.  My grandmother kept the book and continued it.  She added her own recipes to it or ones she found and loved.  She also took the time to translate some of the recipes into English.  Recently the book has been passed on once again.  My grandmother gave the book to my Aunt, her oldest daughter.  She has a passion for cooking and wants to keep this tradition alive.

The book is in terrible condition.  Pages are fading and falling out.  Years of heavy use will do that.  So my Aunt is trying to find a way to preserve the original recipes while still being able to keep it intact.  She also wants to add pages as the book is quite full.  She found someone who is able to rebound the books for her.  Since the binding is shot already she has taken the opportunity to scan each of the pages prior to sending it off to be rebound.  As far as preserving the original pages well they are still discussing it.  I am happy that at least a digital copy will exist.

All that said the book will never have the opportunity to pass through my hands.  Hence the new book above.  When I receive the digital copy from my Aunt I plan to pick several of the well loved pages to put into the recipe journal I want to create for my child/children (<-wishful thinking I suppose).  I will trim the pages to fit my new book which is similar in size to the original one.  Some rubber cement later and it should work out just fine.   I want to have a nod to the past but also continue the tradition within my own family.  In addition to that I want to blend our two families together with traditional recipes from Hubby's side of the family as well.

In reality, Bear (or any other child that we may or may not have) might not care one bit about this recipe journal.  It could just be a book I scribbled recipes in as the fact remains that traditions are not looked at the same way with current and future generations as they used to be.  However, I hope this new book sees the love and care that my grandmother's cookbook received.  I guess only time will tell.  I will make sure that I add recipes to it that we as a family love and go from there.  

Do you all have anything that has stood the test of time?


  1. I think this is such a great idea!

  2. I love this idea!!! I may do something similar!

    1. I think it is a great way to pass something on to the next generation!


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