Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 1,111 in Louisiana

You read that correctly!

We have been here so far for

1,111 Days

While I am not in love with this place, I don't see how people compare it to "hell on earth" as one lady so nicely described it.  Yes, it's small.  Yes, it is ungodly hot and humid in the summer most of the year.  Yes, there is little in the town/surrounding towns to do when you compare it to other places.  This is where the problem is.  We too often we compare locations to each other.  You can NOT do that with this place.  Louisiana all comes down to finding things to do!

You have to be willing to take day trips to places other than New Orleans.  Don't get me wrong there is a ton to see and do there but one city does not make up the state!  There are things like the Natchitoches Christmas festival or wine tasting in Baton Rouge.  All of which are a drive (possibly overnight stay) but are worth it.  If you look hard enough you can find these things!  

Since there is little around here I noticed that we have had a lot more dinner parties and game nights.  Anything really to make it more fun if we aren't going to go out.  This means you have to be social at small posts like that in Louisiana.  I know it's a strange concept really, lol.  

Bottom line if you want to enjoy it here get out and do things or bring the events to you!!! You can't sit on your couch and complain there is nothing to do here. This is my biggest complaint with people who come here and say is sucks or it was the worst time of their life.  Stop complaining already!

This is not the most ideal location to me but it could always be worse.  Our struggle with this place has more to do with work stress and crappy home owners causing us to move our time here.  If those were different then it could have made our time here that much better than it was.  However, We did actually enjoy our time here.

You hear that people...  
We Enjoyed Our Time Here!!!

This goes to show you that you can enjoy places that other hate.  Believe me, I heard plenty of terrible things about this location prior to coming here.  Can we all make it a point to focus on the good things about a location from now on?


  1. You know I love this, it's so important to see the good in places!

    1. I wish more people had a positive attitude about the locations they get sent too even if they aren't the best.


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