Monday, March 16, 2015

A late night

Saturday was a pretty exciting day for us which just showed how old we really have become.

Hubby got up with Bear and brought him to our bed so we could all watch a rerun of Paw Patrol.  When it was we had a breakfast of eggs, star fruit, and a whole lot of coffee for me.  

A family walk after breakfast made Bears morning.  He loves them!  We followed that with some independent play for Bear and cleaning for us.  Hubby went to tame the jungle that is our back yard while I got a handle on the ever growing mount of laundry. Two hours later we skyped with family then let Bear play whatever he wanted as we attempted to join in and play with him.  

He spent the whole time ping ponging back and forth between mega bloks, cars, and books. It was then nap time!  He went to sleep and we get some time to do whatever we want.

This turned out to be again another typical weekend activity.  We played cards, phase 10, outside with coffee.  I as you can see from the picture below I lost again making my current losing streak 18 straight loses.  It is sad.  He is beating me at a game I have played since I was 5.

In case you can't see it...
Tie score
same phase, same points. 

At least it was a close game which kept things interesting.  It all came down to the final hand.  Whom ever went out first won.  I thought I had a chance but I didn't.

When cards we over we had lunch.  Nothing special just left overs.  Since we had 2 items left on our to do list we got started on it.  We needed to order a wedding gift for some friends of ours and then find an iPad holder that attaches to the cars head rest for the PCS that we still have no clue when or where we are going to.  I'll call it preparation I guess.  

Things were ordered then we got the bright idea to head to the big town, that's an hour away, for some shopping at then dinner.

Do you see that?!?!?  Leaving the house at just shy of 6pm!  This felt so good to us.  It is strange the little things you get excited for.  We for the first time in a long time were starting our evening at this late of an hour.  

This means we headed to kohls then to bed, bath and beyond to pick up the remainder of the wedding gifts. The next logical stop would be Target.

I picked up some cheap Sesame Streets books for me to keep in the diaper bag for when he gets fussy.   I also found some bath books for Bears' Easter basket.  Some Easter deco later and We walked out with a lighter wallet.

Dinner was a flop as every restaurant had a 40 minute wait.  You know because the average person isn't under the time constraint of needing to be back into the car by 9pm so the kid will fall asleep in the car on the way home.  We settled for Chick-fil-a.  

I wasn't disappointed.  Chick-fil-a sauce is amazing!!!  If you haven't had it you need to.  Ask for it the next time you go.

We then piled back into the car to head home.  Bear didn't sleep on the ride home but he did fall asleep minutes after he was laid down in the crib.  All in all it was not a bad day!


  1. Sounds like a great day!!! :) I love Chick-fil-a's fries, so good!


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