Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Be happy with what you have

There is something strange in the way that people react when they find out that you have fertility problems.  They feel the need to say something which is often the wrong thing.  

Comments like just relax and it will happen make me cringe.  While they aren't coming from a bad place, more often than not saying nothing or I'll be thinking/praying for you is a far better response. 

When we started trying for a second child I expected the same kind of comments once again.  What I did not expect were these comments to turn rude and nasty...

These memes hit the nail on the head with responses I have gotten from those around me, even from family.  I was initially taken back by them.  The harshness and emphasis behind it all.  

You see there is a double standard in our society when it comes to having children.  Any fertile couple trying to have another child would not be questioned about there love or appreciation for the first child.  Similarly, this wouldn't be said to a couple looking to adopt another child.  Having multiple children does not mean you do not appreciate the one(s) you already have.  So why do people feel the need to question us simply because we need medical intervention to have children?

The most hurtful of comments by far have come from those around me who are still awaiting their first child.  I get it, I really do.  After all I was there in their shoes a few years ago...Wishing and waiting.  It's not fun, especially when it seems like everyone is having babies.  Worse yet their second or third while that first still alludes you.  I remember it all too well.  Because of this I am selective in who I talk to about our infertility.  Obviously not everyone is open to talking about it.  Hearing me talk or complain about the process sucking once again can get old.  To those who have listened I am extremely grateful for this.  Yet I have to just shrug it off when I hear others tell me I am "being greedy" or "flaunting that I have a child.'  This is never my intention in any way shape or form. I never want to make light of what someone else is going through.

Regardless the fact remains that I do have child despite the infertility and we are trying to conceive our second child.  With that comes a whole new set of struggles. Yet at the root of this most people, maybe even specifically those whom are lashing out at me about it all, forget that...

Secondary Infertility simply put means you are either continuing to have a problem or a problem occurred when trying to have another child be it your second or sixth.  As far as our diagnosis goes nothing has changed for us except the technical name.  The same problems I had conceiving before having Bear have not magically disappeared.  The struggle is still there.  For me this is and will be a life long struggle.  Even if we weren't specifically looking to have children I would still need to be seeing a doctor about this in some capacity.  This is something that people seem to forget.  Something people slinging hurtful comments around tend to not think about.  Bottom line... Think before you speak.  

Friday, March 27, 2015

Not My Grandmas' Recipe Book

Earlier this week I posted this picture...

Not an advertisement or promotion

As you can read it's a recipe journal.  Blank pages to be fill with recipes created or perfected over time.  I am still eagerly awaiting the arrival of this book.  The reason I am so very excited for it is because I hope that this book of handwritten recipes will get passed down from generation to generation.  Hopefully they can fill any blank pages with their own recipes.  This idea I guess comes from my very own grandmothers family cookbook.

My great grandmother received a blank book from her husband as an anniversary gift.  She filled its pages with recipes, cooking tips, and even gardening ideas.  This became a special item to her when they immigrated from a small town north of Rome to New York.  The book was one of the few personal items that still remains.

It was given to my grandmother a few years before my great grandmothers death.  She instructed my grandmother to pass the book on to her oldest daughter and so on in subsequent generations.  My grandmother kept the book and continued it.  She added her own recipes to it or ones she found and loved.  She also took the time to translate some of the recipes into English.  Recently the book has been passed on once again.  My grandmother gave the book to my Aunt, her oldest daughter.  She has a passion for cooking and wants to keep this tradition alive.

The book is in terrible condition.  Pages are fading and falling out.  Years of heavy use will do that.  So my Aunt is trying to find a way to preserve the original recipes while still being able to keep it intact.  She also wants to add pages as the book is quite full.  She found someone who is able to rebound the books for her.  Since the binding is shot already she has taken the opportunity to scan each of the pages prior to sending it off to be rebound.  As far as preserving the original pages well they are still discussing it.  I am happy that at least a digital copy will exist.

All that said the book will never have the opportunity to pass through my hands.  Hence the new book above.  When I receive the digital copy from my Aunt I plan to pick several of the well loved pages to put into the recipe journal I want to create for my child/children (<-wishful thinking I suppose).  I will trim the pages to fit my new book which is similar in size to the original one.  Some rubber cement later and it should work out just fine.   I want to have a nod to the past but also continue the tradition within my own family.  In addition to that I want to blend our two families together with traditional recipes from Hubby's side of the family as well.

In reality, Bear (or any other child that we may or may not have) might not care one bit about this recipe journal.  It could just be a book I scribbled recipes in as the fact remains that traditions are not looked at the same way with current and future generations as they used to be.  However, I hope this new book sees the love and care that my grandmother's cookbook received.  I guess only time will tell.  I will make sure that I add recipes to it that we as a family love and go from there.  

Do you all have anything that has stood the test of time?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Don't Yuck My Yum

As a parent I think one of my goals is to not pass on my hang ups onto my child.  I want to let them form their own opinions on something without my thoughts getting in the way.  One of these things has to do with food preferences. We have a rule in our family...

Don't Yuck My Yum

It's rather easy to understand but it basically means just because you don't like something doesn't mean someone else can't like it.  There is no food bashing in this house.  That said you also don't have to eat something you don't like.

One ingredient that I greatly dislike is Cherry.  Not just the artificial flavor either.  I don't like anything with cherry in it. Fruit punch, yogurt, fruit salad, cherry glazed lamb, etc are all things you will never see me eating.  Ever.  I tend to not reach for anything with Cherries in it.  That is unless Hubby specifically asked for it.  This also changed when Bear began to eat solid food.  I want him to like a large variety of foods, so naturally I want him to like Cherry as well even if I don't.

So I started small.  I picked up a Black Cherry Yogurt because there wasn't any of his regular yogurt available.  

ignore my awkward hand placement.
He liked it quite a bit.

Apple sauce is another one of Bears' favorite foods.  The Mott's brand makes the little cups that have various fruits blended in to it, cherry being one of them.  This seemed easy enough so I picked it up. 

He loved it!  It's one of his favorites by far!

Hopefully, I can keep finding things that he likes regardless of our feelings of it.  Is there anything you hate but your kids love?  How do you handle it?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I need your help!

For a while now I have been fielding questions about what Hubby thinks about all things Cloth Diapering related.  For some reason I have been getting an unusual amount of them in my email.  Instead of asking him the same things over and over or a few every day as they seem to be coming in I wasn't to compile them and have him answer them all at once.  He has agreed and doesn't seem mind giving a mans perspective on the whole thing once and for all.  If he can't answer them then I more than likely can.

You can email or comment below with your questions.  They will be anonymously written up and given to hubby.  So send those questions!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Currently Run Down

Lets jump right into it...

Looking:  Forward to fitting into my old clothes that are the next size down.  It seriously is making me giddy that I am close to it.  So many pretty outfits I haven't been able to wear in a long time.  

Drinking:  Too much wine... Eeek I rarely drink but I have been enjoying a bit of wine lately.  

Cooking:  very little.  This is so strange for me and I miss it.  Since we are expecting to PCS soon we are trying to eat through the freezer meals and pantry.  We don't want to have to give a ton away or worse yet throw it all out.  However, one delicious meal we did make recently was for some friends that came over.  

pop pulled pork

7 Layer Bean Dip

Pulled Pork Sandwiches with pasta salad

Apricot Bars

Making: a lot of messes.  Cleaning is that way for me.  It always looks worse before it looks better.  I'm still in PCS prep mode here even without knowing where we are going.  I want things cleaned and organized so it makes it easier on the other end.  This is also something long in the making.  Having moved twice within this location we didn't do the normal unpacking/packing because we simply didn't have the time.  Now we do so I need to get it done.

Wanting: new workout clothes!  My old t-shirts and very old yoga pants aren't cutting it anymore.

All from OldNavy.com

All from OldNavy.com

All from OldNavy.com

Enter Old Navy active clothing and their many sales / discounts.  I know their is higher quality workout clothing out there by any number of companies but I am cheap and this will work for now.  I'd rather spend the extra money on better sports bras or new running shoes.  For now I will see how they hold up and go from there.  Anyone use Old Navy active clothing lately?  I have had good results in the past with their yoga pants but I haven't really tried anything else.  I'm not expecting them to last forever but the price (with discounts) they are too cheap not to pass up.

Bookmarking: How-to's on making a blanket ladder since I can't really find one that is rustic enough for my liking.  While I am still holding out hope that I will find one with more character than I can create on a new one, I would like a back up in my pocket just in case.

Enjoying: working out.  I genuinely feel like I am missing something when I don't workout lately.  Something more than just the endorphins.  I like this excitement I have once again for working out.  This has been a long time coming. 

I workout at home so this limits a bit of what I can do.  Thankfully, I have been able to get a lot of use out of having a treadmill at home.  It's a life saver in the hot humid summer's of the Deep South.  

Playing:  A whole lot of Phase 10.  I love a good card game and this one is by far my favorite. I've been playing it since I was really little with my grandparents. 

Waiting: To find out where we are going to PCS to!  Not to beat a dead horse or anything but this wait is slowly killing me.  At some point I will no longer be able to prep.  I mean if we are going to Alaska do I really need to bring a ton of summer clothes?  Or if we get Hawaii I clearly don't need a snowboard.  Obviously an OCONUS move is more difficult with the various pack outs and hoops to jump through verse a stateside move but dang it just tell me already!!!!!  The stress is far less when I have an end goal in sight.  We move from A to B but without knowing B I'm stuck.

Wishing: This whole Ectopic Pregnancy was a thing of my past.  I fully realize that this is not something that is cleared up in a short period of time but I want to move on from it.  We have been dealing with this since November 2014 for crying out loud.  I am currently waiting for the right timing during a cycle to get a few tests done.  They need to see if my fallopian tubes are open and good or if further action (surgery) needs to be taken.  I have talked about this before so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.  Knowing that a PCS can spring up at any time while trying to finish up with this whole thing does not sit well with me.  When we are cleared by the doctor I will then rest easy about it all.  I guess I'm just waiting for the wonderful timing the military seems to have.  

Hoping: to get more use out of the Cloth Diapers.  Bear is getting close to potty training so I am unsure just how long he has left in them.  I planned to start potty training soon if we aren't moving or shortly after we settle in at the new place.  All I know he likes using the potty and hates being in a wet diaper.  Until then I am plugging away to break even on the cloth diapers only 86 more diaper changes to go to break even.  

Loving: my new under armor compression sports bra.  I'm a large chested woman and I don't need to bouncing all over the place when I work out.  I finally caved spent more than my typical $10 on a sports bra and I could kick myself for not doing to sooner.  

I will more than likely purchase more of them in the not so distant future.

Posting:  I did a guest post you can find here.  It's all about how to keep your child's favorite book from being played out!  

Thinking: of starting some kind of blog hop... maybe mommy related... I don't know.  I need to think this one out and talk to a few people.  

Noticing:  That everyone I know in the North East is praying for summer when I am here in the Deep South praying for winter.  I miss snow. 

Following:  A lot of Crochet IGers. The beautiful projects they post make some of mine look as appealing as a dirty old dish towel.  My favorites lately are...

The projects they IGers post make me excited to start crochet again.  I need (yes, Need!) to get back into crocheting.  I have two unfinished projects and some new how-to books that are all calling my name.

Wearing:  More lounge clothes than any individual should be allowed to wear in one week.  It's bad.

Smelling:  the Pumpkin candle that I have burning because it smells amazing.  Spring may be on its way but I'll keep burning this one until its gone no matter what time of year it is. 

Laughing:  at Bears antics.  He is always getting into something or trying to make us laugh.  Recently he shouts out some randoms "words" in his own little language then drops into the fetal position laughing away.  Or he is stacking the blocks along the coral then say oh no as he drops each one off then wants to be let out just to pick them up.  This little boy is too much!

What have you all been up to lately?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Charming filled Wednesday

Get it? Lol

not something I would have normally picked
but it works for the outfit I needed it to.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

5k help

I signed up for my first 5k in a really LOOOOOOOOONG time.  I used to run races all the time in high school and college but I haven't done anything since.  I'll admit I'm a bit nervous about it all.  I know I will be no where close to the time I want but I figure you have to start somewhere.

I know there are several runners out there, what are your tips for me for my first race back running?

Monday, March 16, 2015

A late night

Saturday was a pretty exciting day for us which just showed how old we really have become.

Hubby got up with Bear and brought him to our bed so we could all watch a rerun of Paw Patrol.  When it was we had a breakfast of eggs, star fruit, and a whole lot of coffee for me.  

A family walk after breakfast made Bears morning.  He loves them!  We followed that with some independent play for Bear and cleaning for us.  Hubby went to tame the jungle that is our back yard while I got a handle on the ever growing mount of laundry. Two hours later we skyped with family then let Bear play whatever he wanted as we attempted to join in and play with him.  

He spent the whole time ping ponging back and forth between mega bloks, cars, and books. It was then nap time!  He went to sleep and we get some time to do whatever we want.

This turned out to be again another typical weekend activity.  We played cards, phase 10, outside with coffee.  I as you can see from the picture below I lost again making my current losing streak 18 straight loses.  It is sad.  He is beating me at a game I have played since I was 5.

In case you can't see it...
Tie score
same phase, same points. 

At least it was a close game which kept things interesting.  It all came down to the final hand.  Whom ever went out first won.  I thought I had a chance but I didn't.

When cards we over we had lunch.  Nothing special just left overs.  Since we had 2 items left on our to do list we got started on it.  We needed to order a wedding gift for some friends of ours and then find an iPad holder that attaches to the cars head rest for the PCS that we still have no clue when or where we are going to.  I'll call it preparation I guess.  

Things were ordered then we got the bright idea to head to the big town, that's an hour away, for some shopping at then dinner.

Do you see that?!?!?  Leaving the house at just shy of 6pm!  This felt so good to us.  It is strange the little things you get excited for.  We for the first time in a long time were starting our evening at this late of an hour.  

This means we headed to kohls then to bed, bath and beyond to pick up the remainder of the wedding gifts. The next logical stop would be Target.

I picked up some cheap Sesame Streets books for me to keep in the diaper bag for when he gets fussy.   I also found some bath books for Bears' Easter basket.  Some Easter deco later and We walked out with a lighter wallet.

Dinner was a flop as every restaurant had a 40 minute wait.  You know because the average person isn't under the time constraint of needing to be back into the car by 9pm so the kid will fall asleep in the car on the way home.  We settled for Chick-fil-a.  

I wasn't disappointed.  Chick-fil-a sauce is amazing!!!  If you haven't had it you need to.  Ask for it the next time you go.

We then piled back into the car to head home.  Bear didn't sleep on the ride home but he did fall asleep minutes after he was laid down in the crib.  All in all it was not a bad day!

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden By Karen Newcomb

Anyone looking to get a productive home garden needs to read this book.  I plan to start a small garden but I want one that will produce enough to make the work that I put in on it worth it.  I also don't have the space to make a huge garden.  Following the tips and tricks in this book will make it so much easier to do just that.

I was so excited to see this book on Blogging for books to review.  The planting season is quickly approaching so this book arrived at just the right time.  It is well organized and even includes diagrams of various garden ideas that are great for anyone looking to set up a home garden.  "The Postage Stamp Garden" covers everything from spoil preparation (super important!) to dealing with critters that invade your garden.  Things that some home gardeners would or could overlook.  In doing the techniques laid out in this book you can maximize the gardens output of whatever it is you want to grow.  Lets face it no one wants to put in all the work into their garden and get very little in return.

If you would like to know more check out the following links...

FTC Disclaimer: I received this book from blogging for books.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

An ASL worded wednesday



Bear needs a way to communicate and this is working.
Anyone who says hearing kids can't benefit from some ASL is lying.  

Friday, March 6, 2015

Keeping Children's Books Fresh

I had the wonderful opportunity to Guest post over at

While she enjoys some newborn baby snuggles you can 
Head over there to see today's post about keeping children's books fresh.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bear Loves Books

As a teacher I love books, especially children's books.  I knew once I had Bear I wanted to do everything I could to get him to love books as much as I do.  When he was a baby I would read anything and everything to him that I thought was acceptable.  A cheery newspaper article, a parenting book, and a blog post, among other things, all made the cut.  I just wanted him to hear the written word.  It all paid off because he loves books.  He loves hearing them and looking at the pictures.

Sorry for the terrible pictures in here but these are adorable books.
I love the painted canvas look to the illustrations and the simple story.
Bear I think loves the little baby images.

"Dumpy's Friends on the Farm" is by Julie Andrews and her daughter.  
He loves the books so much that I bought all the ones I could find.  Sadly they were all used.

 "The little Mouse, The red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear" by Don and Audrey Wood. 
This is an overused book in our house.  More on that tomorrow. 

"Little Blue Truck" By Alice Schertle 
You have trucks and animals so obviously this is a hit to us.

"Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" By Bill Martin Jr.
I love the educational value of this book.
Bear likes the rhyming and silly letter antics.

"Biscuit's Pet and Play Christmas" and
"Biscuit's Pet and Play Halloween"  both by Alyssa Capucilli
These holidays have come and gone but Bear will not let me put these ones away.
He will fight his way into the closet and pull them out.  

"Thumper's Fluffy Tail" by Laura Driscoll
This is another touch and feel book about the cute, adorable Thumper.

"Peek-a Who" By Nina Laden
This book was given to Bear for Christmas and it has been a hit ever since.
Peek-a-Boo is still a fun game for Bear but this allows for some much needed variation.  

I'm always on the hunt for new books so what are some book your kids love? 

Living the Good Life!

The weather has cooled off here and we are loving it!  This has given us time to relax and enjoy time outside without sweating to death.  T...