Friday, February 20, 2015

A late night update post

It's been a while since I have written.  I thought that an update would be in order.

  • We are still waiting for any word back about where we are going. Our list was sent in yet we are still waiting... And waiting... And waiting...  Until we know I am assuming it will be the earliest of the report dates because if I don't I will freak out.  I hate the unknown.  It's the most stressful part of all of this.
  • I am in full PCS prep mode.  There is a ton I have wanted to do organizational wise for a while now so this is the kick in the butt I need. 

    The brown box above is Bear's toy box that now contains all of his old infant stuff.  They were all over the house and I wanted it all in one location because for right now we don't need any of it but I don't want to get rid of it.  We are hoping for #2 at some point in the not so distant future and I don't want to buy it all again.  That would be stupid. 
  • Hubby has a bunch of use or lose days that we don't want to lose.  The plan was and still is to take about a month off prior to the report date at the new location.  After all you can't start a new position and then tell them you have a ton of days off that need to be used.  It doesn't work like that so he needs to use them on this end of the move.  Moves stress me out as it is so the extra help and time makes the transition easier.  I also don't feel like everything is dumped on my shoulders because hubby can do most of the running around and scheduling (with input from me) while I take care of the house prep, dogs, and Toddler.  
  • All that said, this is our first PCS with a kid.  I have no idea how he will do with the transition.  He likes his routine and does extremely well with it.  The actual travel part and first few days where ever will obviously be a struggle.  However I am wondering what tips and tricks you all have for PCSing with kids.  He may only be 19 Months old but he is obviously affected by the move.  What did you all do?  Any tips or tricks that will help for his age?
  •  We had a yard sale.  
    This was only one side. Ugh.
    They were two very early mornings but it was quite lucrative for 12 hours worth of work.  Not to mention the mass amount of out crap that we got rid of.  We had been looking to lighten the load a bit so this was the best idea we had to make some cash along the way.  Anything that didn't sell I wanted to 
    donate to the needy families on post, however there isn't any place to do that.  Sure there is the lending closet which some stuff we have will go to but all the baby clothes are another story.  There is no where to donate those.  This is something that we brought up to the Chaplin in hopes that he has some ideas for the future or even if he knows of a place to donate to.  Is this the same across all military posts/bases?
  • I am starting to like working out again.  I am basically just looking for at least 30+ minutes 5(or more) days a week with the majority of the time in my target heart rate range.  

    My polar HRM is acting up lately.  It's driving me nuts but I will figure it all out.  I have been trying to mix it up a bit with several workout dvds and my treadmill.  I try to do one or both every day.  I am enjoying running again.  This is a big thing for me.  I am also continuing to to do yoga like I have over the past year or so.  Bear has now started to join in and follow along.  I may need to read up on toddler yoga.  If he wants to join in I see no reason I couldn't encourage it.   All of this is obviously that I want and need to get into better shape but it will also help with my infertility. 
  • I mentioned kiddo #2 earlier in passing and mentioned here about the ectopic that I have been dealing with over the past few months.  My numbers have hit low enough that I no longer need testing weekly to track them.  I do however need to get dye run through my tubes to make sure they are open.  While the doctor is not even sure that it was a true ectopic, something we may never know, it is better to be safe about it and get a relatively simple test done.  One I am not looking forward to doing again.  I do hope and pray the test show that my tubes are open and unobstructed.  At this point there is no reason to believe otherwise.  
  • my final note...  Today is National Love Your Pets day.  Here are my cute snugly puppies. 
    Coco and Duke


Your thoughts?

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