Friday, January 30, 2015

Feeling the Strain

Lately I have been feeling the stain of this military lifestyle.  The brunt of it comes down to the fact that Hubby is working crazy hours and we are still waiting to hear back as to where we will be PCSing.  For those of you unfamiliar with military lingo that means Permanent Change of Station.  That's fancy Military speak for moving us to another post or location.  Where that will be at this point is any one's guess.   We are both waiting with fingers crossed and saying prayers that it is at least something in his top 10 choices of locations.  Needless to say not knowing where we are heading is stressing me out.

The reality of it is that we could be moving a few weeks or a few months based of Hubby's report date.  That is a HUGE difference of time when talking about a move!   Yes, they send movers to pack us up and bring our crap to the new location but there is like 300 things I need to do prior to a move.  It is not as simple as pack up and move.  If it is OCONUS (military speak for Outside Continental US or basically moving abroad) then that throws in a whole new level of crazy.

I know I am working myself up here a bit but about it all.  This wasn't like the move came out of nowhere so I did have some idea that we would be moving around this time of year.  We started early going though most of the "junk" boxes, sorting and organizing.   I am freaking out even though I know that we are in a better position to move than we ever have been before.  Two moves within the same duty station will do that to you.  I still can't shake the anxiety over it all.  

This move is big and not just because of the standard new surrounds part.  It's Bears first PCS so I worry about how he will handle the changes.  I worry that Duke's seizures will return because of the stress.  That Coco who doesn't do will with moves will become uber needy and withdraw once again.

I worry but I know it won't change anything.  So for now I will clean and sort and wait.  I'm preparing as if I would be leaving in a few weeks just in case.  I'd rather be wrong than even more panicked if I'm right and had done nothing at all.

Enough of my rambling, it is time to get back to my PCS Prep list.


  1. PCS prep is always stressful, if you need anything please let me know.


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