Monday, January 19, 2015

15 goals for 2015

I know everyone makes a list of resolutions but that is just something I don't believe in.  I do however believe in Goals which to me is different than resolutions.  It's clear, its focused and heck I already have a whole list of them via my 101 in 1001.   This list of goals are specifically things that I want to make sure happen this year.  Some of the things I have already planned on doing anyway but I really wanted to spend some time and really think these ones though.  Putting pen to paper or really type to text box isn't a bad thing.  It's a way for me to hold myself accountable.  So here are my 15 goals for 2015 in no particular order.  Some you may recognize from my 101 in 1001.

1.  Read at least half the books I own but haven't read.  I have dozens upon dozens of books that I have not read between my bookshelf, nook, and kindle.  It's ridiculous in my mind and it needs to change.  Specifically with the physical books that I own because the "space" taken up on my eReaders doesn't bother me at all.  Now I've already gone through and tossed the ones I have already read and don't want to keep into the garage sale boxes, as well as the ones I'll never read.  This took it down by half.  Still there are at least 50 books on there that I haven't touched since I bought them.  Many if which are ones that I know are a read once then toss kind of book.  It's about time I get around to reading them.  Not to mention it would be nice to check this off my 101 list.

2.  Start tot school with Bear.  I have been looking into this more and more as a way to simply enrich Bears' day to day activities.  He is still pretty young (18mo) but that doesn't mean I can't start working with him on the simple things.  I like theme curriculum for early childhood  and so picking a few activities for him every week wouldn't be all that difficult thing to start.  Hello old teaching files!  I could easily expand from there based on how he likes it.  If I even think I have a shot at potentially homeschooling (just a thought at this time, don't freak out people.) tot school could give me a glimpse into how it would all work for us. 

3.  Use cloth diapers more!  I use them for a two to three days and instead of expediting the wash of them so I can get him back into them they sit on the drying rack for a week until I remember they are there only after walking in with an arm full of wet clothes.  It's not really all that hard or difficult to cloth diaper.  I don't even mind stuffing them.  I just forget about them until I need the space on the drying racks.  possibly washing less diapers more often or removing one of the extra inserts from my "night time" diapers and using them during the day when I wash the bulk of the stash.  Regardless I need to address this especially now that he is taking his pants AND diaper (disposable) off more and more.  ugh. 

4.  Get serious about potty training Bear. Which is obviously as you have just read above sort of counter productive to my previous goal.  At any rate, Bear is using the potty anywhere from 1-3 times a day depending on how many times I chose to put him on it and if he he has already gone to the bathroom in his diaper.  I don't want to push him and have him end up hating it but then again I also want him fully potty trained by 3.  Call me crazy all you want, that's fine, but every child in my family has been potty trained by 2 1/2 years old.  I'm giving him some flexibility by saying 3.  I think this is entirely doable based on how much he hates a dirty diaper, tells me when he has gone or about to go, and even asks to use the potty.  All things that lead me to believe that he is ready to start potty training full on.

5.  Eat more vegetarian meals.  I don't hate meat of any kind. I simply like vegetables more than I like meat.  I grew up loving vegetables.  I clearly remember helping my dad in the garden.  Planting seeds, watering the plants, weeding, and often eating more than I picked to bring inside. Raw or lightly cooked veggies taste the best to me.  No sauces or seasonings needed, just the veggie flavor itself.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I may not have my own garden to tend to, but I can still increase the amount of vegetables I eat by making more vegetarian meals.  Really it would be "meat on the side" type of dishes since there is no way that Hubby could deal with a bunch of meatless dishes every week.  My 101 list has me making one meal a month.  That is just not enough for me lately.  While Hubby was deployed I lived a flexitarian or semi-vegetarian diet.  I ate mostly vegetables but had meat on occasion.  I felt better when I ate this way so I want to go back to this even if Hubby does not join me in it.

6.  Crochet more!  Something you may or may not know about me is that I started Crocheting when I was a little girl.  My grandmother taught me when I was about 6 years old.  It gave me something to do that kept me out of trouble.  The whole idle hands thing and all.  I have over the years picked it up here and there to work on various projects.  Recently life has gotten in the way of me working on any projects.  Back in the closet they all went.  I want to finish up any unfinished projects that I have.  Mainly two basic no frills blankets.  The first is a camo and black striped blanket and the second is shades various of purple and pink.  Both of which are to far along to abandon so I would like to finish them both.  I would also like to make a blanket for Bear.  One that will match his toddler bedding whenever we decide to make that transition.  

7.  No soda all year.  I already am well over one year without soda and I don't miss it.  I get the random craving for something other than flat water or drinks so I make seltzer with our soda stream.  Carbonated water is not soda but it does keep me from wanting a soda. Here is to another year!

8.  No more than a single cup of coffee per day.  I have a real coffee addiction.  I will easily drink 2-3 cups a day.  I drink them black without any sugar but I actually like the taste of coffee.  I also hate to drink my calories for the day so why waste it on the extras when I can buy flavored coffee.  At any rate we are trying for another kid and drinking so much coffee is not a good thing.  I need to start cutting back big time.  Now is as good of a time as any.

9.  Attempt to be more Eco friendly, green, granola, whatever you want to call it.  I am not one that is all "save the planet" but I do think that if everyone did a little something it would make a difference.  It is also economical to do so.  I feel like I need to set a good example for my son in doing just that.  Simple things like washing full loads of laundry verse half loads like I mostly do now.  Making sure to bring my reusable bags when grocery shopping.  Using towels to clean up spills more than paper towels.  Use my reusable water bottle more than the store bought plastic ones.  Small changes like this to me are ones that I can do that could easily be done by me.

10.  Let my hair grow out and NOT cut it short!  I am hating my short hair cut.  Like really hating it.  I wish I never did it.  Sadly this overwhelming dread happened almost instantly upon returning home from the hair dresser.  This is my own doing though not hers.  After having a dozen different hair lengths and colors over the years I have realized that my hair looks best at a certain way.  There is only so short I can go before it looks bad on me. no matter how many times I try it never looks good.  Long and medium length hair look best on me and I just need to stick with what works for me.  The same goes for coloring my hair.  There is only so light I can go before it looks ridiculous on me.  I need to stop pushing that limit and work with what I've got.

11.  Purchase a buffet table or sideboard to hold all of our fine china.  The current solution of stacking it all in a closet on shelves is driving me bonkers.  I lose close to an entire closet with just our fine china and kitchen linens.  I want it where it belongs in the kitchen or dining room in something other than a traditional massive China cabinet.  I greatly dislike the old fashioned china cabinets where everything is on display, so a buffet table or sideboard will work better.  I can hide all the crap underneath and put whatever I want on top of it.  I am thinking of looking into getting one from a second hand shop rather than a new one.  I find the deals on these are much better.  I also am willing to put in the work it would take to fix it up.  

12.  Do not purchase makeup ALL year.  With a few exceptions of course.  The intent behind this is for me to use up what I have and not just continually adding to it.  There are however certain things that I only have one of like eyebrow pencil and concealer that I only use one specific brand or type of.  I will repurchase those as needed.  This is intended to target my 19 tubes of mascara, 2 dozen lip glosses, countless eye shadow palettes and singles and my 30 plus bottles of nail polish.  Seriously, you all I have a problem but I am working on it and have been for over a year now.  I will include in this asking for makeup for holidays or my birthday.  Here is where the real exception comes in.  I have a homemade coupon for the Naked 3 palette.  It was out of stock when hubby when to purchase it.  I will not get anything else though until what I own is seriously cut down to a small fraction of what it is.  
13.  Expand the family.  Obviously, at this point that means working with a fertility specialist to try to conceive baby number 2.  The recent set back has with the ectopic pregnancy has not stopped us from wanting to try again when medically able to.  While it is unlikely at this point that I will actually birth another child in this calendar year, I would like to be pregnant by the end of the year.  This too is a roll of the dice but it is a goal (possibly pipe dream) none the less.

14.  Socialize more.  Moving (more below) will obviously make this more necessary for me in the future but it is something I should do more off.  I have a dwindling (thanks military lifestyle) group of friends that I see and we all hang out together when we can.  It isn't as often as we all would like but such is life. Outside the circle of friends there is nothing.  I have lost my ability to small talk with strangers or enjoy functions especially large group ones.  I mean, if there isn't at least one of my friends going to a function/event/whatever I simply dread going. At the last function I want to I sipped my punch in the corner and count down the time until I can bolt out of there!  This was not like me at all. I'm much more of an introvert now than I ever have been.  When I lived in New York, pre marriage and baby, I was rarely ever home.  There was always something to do and somewhere to go.  I miss that.  Now that is simply not the case.  There is a child to tend to and a household to run.  This should not consume my entire life.  I need to get out more and socialize more.  Even if it means BSing simply with people while waiting for my yoga class to start.  Just something.  Anything really at this point is better than what I am or have been doing.  

15.  Move to a new location AND create a list of things of things to do and/or places to visit in for that location.  Does it count if we were scheduled to move anyway?  We are still waiting to hear back about where we are going to be PCSing to but we know that we will be moving sometime in early spring time.  That said, I want to take advantage of the new location no matter how amazing or crappy it is.  I know that where we are (Fort Polk) can and does suck pretty bad as far as Army Posts.  There is very little to do in the local area.  I find if you look hard enough you can always find something to see or explore.  Here that meant really looking for places to take day trips to like Grant tree farm or Natchitoches.  If I stayed local all the time I would go crazy.  We did a lot of that here, don't get me wrong.  Between Doctors appointments, field rotations, deployment, and a new baby we did a lot of staying home and not going out.  I don't want to get stuck in a rut at the next place like we did here.  I am hoping really researching the next place and creating a "to-do" list will help us branch out more.  


  1. I hope you enjoy your next post it's fun to explore a new area.

    1. it really is. I like moving to new areas.

  2. Sounds like a good list of goals! I have been making sweet potato tacos lately for dinner and Steve is all, "but where is the meat?" ;) Apparently the men need it more than we do!

    1. I really think it is a guy thing. I try to do more "meat on the side" because hubby can't handle vegetarian meals.


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