Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Birthday and Christmas List 2014

Since today is my Birthday here is my Birthday and Christmas List

Every year I come up with a list for of things that I want that is both for my Birthday and for Christmas.  They are weeks apart and so typically one list gets the job done.

This year I think I had a hard time coming up with things that I wanted.  Not because it's that hard of a thing but because we don't know where we were going.  I mean if we were heading to Alaska I would be asking for winter clothes like a good fleece or a new winter coat.  If we were going to Hawaii I would be asking for gift cards to pick some new maxi dresses or some beach gear.  There are just so many unknowns especially with this military lifestyle.  So my list works for no matter where we are.  Here is what I came up with.  They aren't pricey items.  Most of which are less than $20.

  • If you know me you know I love love love cookbooks.  So this first three on here are no surprise. The first is an Italian cookie cookbook. 
  • The second is a Korean cookbook.  This is more of an joint gift for hubby and I.  He is loving cooking Korean food so I though this couldn't hurt when I want to help out.  Or maybe surprise him with a meal, who knows!  
  • The last is Madeleine cookbook and a Madeleine tray.  I love them way too much so I decided to I needed this!  Yes needed.  

  • I have need a new schedule and this one I thought was pretty and functional.   
  • Up next is the original 1947 version of Miracle on 34th Street.  It is one of my favorite Christmas movies right next to White Christmas.  
  • The next is a granny square (or non square really) crochet book.  I want to expand my crochet skills and this is one way to do that.  
  • I was pretty disappointed in the holiday collection from Starbucks.  I love the two mugs I got from them last year.  So I hopped on their website and found this one.  It's not a Christmas mug but it's really pretty.  And who doesn't want drink their morning coffee out of a pretty mug?

  • Along with my love of cookbooks is my love of cooking obviously! Yeah because you all didn't see that coming a mile away. Well anyway back to my list.  Copco cups that I have had and abused for many years are on their last leg so a set of new ones is just what we need.  And because I wanted pretty and he wanted ones where he could use any of them.  So basically not pink.  I think these will work well.
  • I'm always struggling to find round cookie cutters for various recipes.  This should help me out with 11 different sizes to boot.  Yes this makes me sadly happy.
  • If you ever watched 2 broke girls you would know that Max's only down side to her cupcakes is that they don't look pretty.  Well neither do mine or any other decorated pastry I make.  I'm hoping with real tips I can work on making things look pretty.
  • To join the new tips is a reusable pastry bag.  In part because I hate wasting things like that but also because it was on major sale. 

  • I really like baking and so once I saw the gingerbread house cutters I knew I wanted them.
  • I also wanted the Christmas tree cutters.  Mmmmm... Home made gingerbread cookies.  I can smell them now!
  • Bananagrams has been on my list for a while and this year I asked for it as something for me to do while I relax and drink my morning coffee.  I will change it up from Phase 10 dice and farkle.
  • ChicoBag makes some really cute and functional resuable bags.  I have their grocery bags that I love and so I want to pick up their snack bags to use with Bear.  This is a 3 pack but the picture got cut off.

  • Well to start a kindle gift card is always an easy gift to get me because I love my kindle!  Yes there are pros and cons to ereaders but for me this works out the best.  If not my house would be filled with books and really this doesn't work well with the military lifestyle.
  • I have had the same cover for a while now and I'm starting to get a bit bored with it.  This one for my ancient reads like paper kindle could use something pretty.
  • Of course this wouldn't be complete without a water proof case of some sort so I can actually read an ebook while soak in a bath or if we ever go back to the beach on a vacation.  Sand is the devil and has killed many of my electronics over the years.
  • The last thing I want is of course a book. A sign language book specifically.  I have been working with Bear on mainly vocabulary but I would love a be able to expand my own knowledge of it so that I can pass that on to Bear.  If I am going to bother teaching him a skill then I might as well teach him it correctly.

So here is my rather long list of ideas.   What's on yours?


Your thoughts?

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