Monday, December 1, 2014

It's there for a reason! (rant of sorts)

This past thanksgiving weekend we had family come over to visit.  While we had a pleasant time together there was something (or three or four) that stood out in my mind.  I want to focus on just one of those things today.

Grandparents love to shower their grand kids with love, affection and too many gifts.  It is their right as grandparents to do so.  I think when they don't often see their grandchildren as often as they would like they tend to over buy for them.  It's not so much that they do this but more of what they purchase for them.  

When they first arrived out came a new toy.  A cause and effect popper toy.  

This to be specific...

It's a simple toy for 6 months and up.  Little kids love cause and effect toys and so this was a big hit with Bear.

The next day out came another new toy...

This is a road rippers police car for children 3 and up.  It has several buttons that make various police noises.  Cars with Bear are always a big hit.

The final evening came and out came yet another item for him.

A Melissa and Doug paint with water book and paint brush.  It is for kids 3 and up.  It is a one time use page with a row of paints on the top of the page.  You wet the brush and the paints and then obviously paint the page.  The colors aren't very pigmented but the pictures are cute.

Two of these toys have something in common that I am not thrilled with.

They are for kids 

The police car and the paint book are both meant for kids 3 years of age and over.  Bear is 17 months old.  Not even 2 yet.  He still puts everything in his mouth.  He still rips toys apart.  His coordination is only at age level, not above.  All this means is that giving him a toy that is meant for an older child is a BAD idea.  

If you want to even consider giving a toy that is meant for an older child you should need to clear it with the child's parent, in this case us, before you give the toy to the child.  There are reasons for the age ranges on toys.  It's for the safety of the child.  I don't care is in your day they didn't have all of that.  Things are different now.  

I understand that the more exciting toys or the ones that people are drawn to are often out of range for a young child.  However, ask the parent first about it!  Personally I know my nephew can handle paper books and toys just out of his age range but I ask first before purchasing the item.  I even ask if they are the one who gave me this list of toys. 

Like I said though, some kids can handle this and others can not.  Bear CAN NOT!

Some toys I can get away with but they require supervision when played with.  The Police car for example.  If he pushes it around and pushes the buttons I have no problem with it.  However the second it hits his mouth I am taking it away.  I also am not leaving him alone with it.  It's too much for him to handle on his own.  The pieces can be bitten off.  The paint on the vehicle can be scrapped off by little teeth.  The toy is now more work for me as a parent and more headaches for the child whom is doing nothing innately wrong but getting his toy taken away or reprimanded.

This frustrates me to no end.  Bottom line read and follow the age limits when giving toys to kids!  It's really not that hard.  

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