Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gifts for Hubby

Hubby is a difficult person to shop for.  He never really knows what he wants.  He ran into the same problem as me.  We don't know where we are going so this was he came up with.

  • Hubby is loving Korean food lately so I want to encourage that.  Not just because it means I don't have to cook but because it's very, very Yummy!!  This is a Kimchi cookbook as we like making things from scratch.
  • Along with the Kimchi cookbook I picked up the medium size fermenting container.  Hopefully we can keep this outside as I've been reading that they burp and things can stink when fermenting.
  • This is a surprise for Hubby.  He said one of the things he looks forward to the most with Bear is watching Saturday morning cartoons all snuggled up in bed.  He complained that cartoons aren't the same anymore.  They are 30 minute shows and not just an hour of 2-3 minute short cartoons.  This is why I picked up the DVD.  It's as close as he will get to enjoying cartoons like he did as a child.
  • A card game that Hubby loves is Euchre.  We have plenty of old decks of cards that we could easily make a set for us to use.  This is a much fancier version that I think he will like.   

  • This is more of a "family" gift but really it's for hubby.  The Little Giant Ladder was top on his list of things he "needed"  lol.

  • The idea I first came up with was a personalized Ammo Can.  I wanted to run it past him before getting it though and it was a good thing.  He wasn't a huge fan of the personalized one I had picked out but he did like the idea in general.  Hubby found this Plano one.
  • To go along with it I got Plano ammo cases to go in the ammo can for what he needed.  Needless to say he is excited for these items!
  • Hubby likes cigars and only has a large travel humidor so I picked up a small 5 cigar travel humidor that is similar to what he already has.  I figured he could take this one with him golfing and whatnot.  
  • Fishing is something that we enjoy doing as a family. I picked up some Louisiana themed fishing lures. 

  • Camping is something else that we like.  We have all the necessities but cutesy items are something that make good stocking stuffers for a make shift survival kit.  First up a homemade survival bracelet.
  • Magnesium bar
  • Multi tool for camping
  • wind resistant long burn matches in waterproof container  

What are you all getting your significant others?

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  1. These are great gifts! Kyle and I don't get each other gifts since we pretty much buy what we want throughout there year as it is.


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