Friday, December 5, 2014

Family Christmas Gifts

As far as gift giving goes in our family we create a list for family of thing was would like and they coordinate with each other and pick things up.  We try our best to make them family oriented.  Things that benefit all of us.  In the past we have put out door games, stuff we need for our bikes, Christmas decorations, kitchen equipment, and DVDs.  This year seems to be about games.  

  • First up is catchphrase.  We played this with hubby's family and had such a great time doing so that we wanted on so we could play when people came over or family came into town.
  • This is tournament toss but you may know it as corn hole.  We had a blast playing this with some friends and again thought this was something fun to get.
  • The next two are just for fun for us.  We love Big Bang theory and thought why not!  We can quote random obscure quotes from the show and know useless information so maybe just maybe this something we could be good at ;-)  who knows.

  • We don't do a lot of traveling but with PCSing travel versions of games we like aren't a bad idea.  Scrabble is obviously a staple board game.  This one you can snap the tiles in so  you can pack it up without worrying about losing where you are.  
  • Cribbage is a new game for that Hubby likes.  Its an easy game to play so I see us using this more and more.
  • Travel Rummikubs is a no brainer for me us.  We love the game and while this travel version is small with tiny tiles it isn't bad for the price.  The only thing I wish this had was magnetic backing our a board to snap the tiles into.  Since it doesn't have it you need a table which is fine with us.  
  • Taboo buzzed was something we both wanted when we saw it.  Hopefully it lives up to the hype that our friends have built up.  

How do you do Christmas Gift Giving in your family?  Is it family giving like ours or individually?

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