Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Ornaments

This year while I was putting together I couldn't help but take stock in the personal or sentimental ornaments that we have.

This Tigger ornament is the is the first ornament I bought myself when I moved away from home.

The football snowman ornament we picked up that summed up our time in Alabama.
Roll Tide!

Obviously our first Christmas as a married couple.

It was also the first Christmas with the puppies.

Obvious Baby's First Christmas is a huge sentimental one even if Hubby was deployed for it.
It was given to him by his godparents.  It is beautiful.  I love it.

This year while on our trip to Natchitoches, LA we picked up a few more.  These ones are just general ones we liked.

Much like the Alabama ornament, we have been searching for a Louisiana Ornament.  One that can represent our time here.

This is our Papa Noel ornament.  It is believed that in the bayou Papa Noel, or as we call him Santa, rides in a boat pulled by alligators to deliver presents to the children.  The people light fires along the bayou to help guide Papa Noel along the water.  This is a simple version of the one told to me by one of our Cajun neighbors.  I think this an adorable tale for children.  I found a cute book about for Bear to read to him in the coming years about this very tale.  So with papa Noel atop an alligator it is a fitting ornament for our time in Louisiana.  

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