Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Decorations Shopping

This week will be all about Christmas decorations and gift giving.  Who isn't doing that?  lol Anyway lets get on with it.

Much like my other holiday decorations my Christmas stuff was kinda hurting.  Aside from decorating the tree and hanging stockings it fizzles out extremely quickly.   This changes a bit this year.   We hit up WalMart and Target.  Nothing it terribly expensive or high quality but they get the job done.

My dad could take a strand of lights and form all sorts of awesome designs in the windows.  I am not that talented.  Thankfully they make these cheap and cute looking thinks so I don't have to make them by hand like my dad did.

On the tree last year I had some of these clip on poinsettias.  Hubby liked them so I picked up more for the tree this year.  I also got new bows for the tree and a mistletoe ball.

We have mainly round shatterproof ornaments.  It gets old fast.  Hubby found these at the post PX and I love them!  Some in the mix are likely to get tossed but other are really cute.  They are on the smaller side but that is ok with me.

Window clings were sort of an impulse buy for me.  I wanted to do some decorating in Bears' room but was unsure of what to do.  Well we were walking down the Christmas aisle at Walmart when Bear started grabbing at the train window clings.  He got really happy when I picked it up.  So why not add a bit of Christmas cheer to his windows.  I also picked up more for other windows in the house.

The last thing I picked up was two sets of pre-lit garland.  We now have a total of 24 feet of garland.  

I have big decorating plans this year.  Look for pictures to come!


  1. I saw those ornaments at the PX! We have all sentimental ornaments on our tree.

    1. That is awesome! We have a small box of sentimental ornaments that we use. It grows every year so we will get to that point one day.


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