Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bear's Christmas Gifts 2014

This year Bear is actually getting the concept of playing.  That is making Christmas shopping even more exciting for us.  Honestly I am practically giddy with anticipation on just how he will react to seeing the tree Christmas morning.  I'm even excited to just see how he reacts to our Christmas Decorations.  But enough of that for now, on to his list!

The way we work Christmas around here is that we figure out what we want to get him and then create a list for family that typically stems from what we are getting him.  For example for his birthday we got him the Fisher Price Little People Farm that he loves.  So naturally we will be putting some of the mini sets that go with the Farm on the gift idea list for family.  We do however try to take on the expensive things ourselves.

  • This kid loves sitting on pillows so why not get him a real chair.  His big gift this year will be this pottery barn chair.  It kills me to spend this much on a chair but mentally I can justify it if we don't get it monogrammed.  That way if we have more kids they can use the same chair.   This is really the only way I can justify buying this.
  • Bear love his eric carle elephant toy but really this is a stroller toy.  I thought he needed an upgrade.  So we picked up a Jelly Cat Bashful Bunny.  I hope he loves it as much as I do!
  • Last two in the picture are covers to Paw Patrol DVDs.  He loves the show so why not put them on his Christmas list for other people to get him.

  • For his birthday he got the go go smart wheels airport.  Well it was a flop for the most part, so I held off on giving him this.  He didn't quite get that the cars (or planes) went on the track.  I knew it was a stretch but I thought he would have been able to figure it out after some time.  He didn't and hasn't really yet.  However I decided to give this to him for Christmas because I found out that the train moves on its own.  This may help him understand the concept of a track.  Who knows.  I also don't want to hold off on this for another 6 months until his birthday.
  • Along with this the family list has various different cars that work with any set in the collection.

  • I mentioned this earlier but Bear LOVES the fisher price little people farm.  So much so that we picked up a mini play sets that goes along with it.  I also put those in the picture on his list for other people to pick up.  They are small sets of animals and people as well as another mini play set.  

  • If you ask Bear if he wants to read the answer is usually YES!  This little boy has a love for being read to and exploring books.  So much so that I put a bunch of board books in a cheap crate (read: kiddie bookshelf) for him to browse at his leisure.  He does so often!  This warms my teacher heart.  That being said I picked him up a few board books from us and Santa but also put a few of my favorite authors that I think Bear will like too.  Eric Carle, Karma Wilson, and Leslie Patricelli are all fantastic.  

We also picked up a super cheap empty shopping cart for Bear to push around.  He loves pushing the laundry baskets around which is great but at least the cart will be more appropriate. If only I could find a decent picture of it.  Oh well.

What do you have on your kids Christmas List?


  1. I love the chair, I think that is a great idea.

    1. it was one of those things that I wasn't thrilled with paying for but I am really glad that I did.


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